Nick in Aberdeen

Weekly Review 31st – 6th November 2011 [chilling in scotland]

06 November 2011


Nick in Aberdeen
Tuesday’s training went well I think. It was a really good training, intensive and a bit of fun at the same time. Played well. Compared to the other players I feel that I’m faster, and better technically than the average. While getting a drink during breaks, I glanced over to the first team who were training at the same time as us. My god, the speed in which they played at was really fast. They were doing a possession game which looked like it was going a million miles an hour and it was good quality. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a team train as intensively and as fast as they did.. and they’re just in the third division. I can’t imagine premier league level intensive training.. it must actually be hardcore. And anyone who calls these third division players shit has no clue how good they are. But in a proper match, I think all that changes. I watched Aberdeen vs Rangers in the first division, it was not that great technically and the speed wasn’t all that fast either.. Weird.
Thursday didn’t go to well. Just wasn’t a good training for me. Although I was excited, I panicked a bit, and got a little nervous again. He wasn’t there on Tuesday which is, but I’m pretty sure  Its because the main coach reminded me of Janos.. and that’s why I got a bit jittery. Oh well, shit happens.. gotta move on and leave it behind.
On most of the other days, I’ll either train by myself or together with Tony. I’m still working on those 1 on 1’s. It will take a few months to master to a good level like I did with my left foot. But it will come.. just takes patience.
I don’t mind staying in Montrose, it’s good to be sharing the room with Tony. We basically spend all of our day playing Fifa, eating, training on our own, and playing FIFA again, and again, then watching a bit of TV and football. Shipwrecked is our favorite show 😀
In between taking turns of FIFA, I’m doing some business tasks on the iPhone or reading a business book. So I’m not wasting all my time on a game!
But I got my laptop charger on Friday, express delivered from ebay, so I could be more productive again.
Saturday I went down to Aberdeen again and chilled with Lenci. Just a quiet night watching a movie called Brothers. Sunday afternoon I left and I’m back in the room about to go to sleep to wake up excited for a brand spanking new week.
I’m scheduled to leave Thursday with my flight booking, Chris is going to come back to me with a date of when we’re going to leave tomorrow hopefully. So either I’ll be going back on Thursday, or staying a bit longer.
Oh, and for uni it’s best to get those applications over and done with now. I have to do a few things with that I have to get organised with. The good thing is that I have a while to make up my mind on what I want to do.. so I have quite alot of freedom!
Next Week
Well this week I don’t know how many hours I did to be honest. I don’t think it was more than 10 hours. It’s a signal to me that I’m losing a bit of focus. So this is what I need to do from tomorrow:
– 15 hours training, game analysis, working on those 1-on-1’s primarily.
– Get personal statement ready to give to spencer.
– get in contact with NCAA about eligibility to play in college.
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