Waiting for an important email

Weekly Review 17th – 23rd October 2011 [uhh..any moment]

24 October 2011

Waiting for an important email

Ok so anyyy moment now…. any moment. Didn’t get a confirmation this week, but apparently Chris is going to speak to someone there tomorrow morning and get final details. Chris has emailed a B&B there to arrange accommodation for us and just sent me an email about it then.. so yeah this is genuine.

Although I hate waiting, I’m more or less enjoying what I’m doing now with working on business and playing football. I guess once I start playing professionally life is going to be a whole lot different and things will change so quickly, before I embark on that new life.. just chilling doing what I’m doing now is good..and I always try make the most of it, whatever situation I’m in. I forgot to post this quote a few weeks earlier from Bryan Massa’s wall. But it’s so true to me now (Mum agrees):

“God answers in 3 ways: he says yes & gives you what you want, he says no & gives you something better, or he says wait & gives you the best.”


So I had a pretty tiring week of training. Moses for two hours every morning and double sessions on Tuesday and Thursday. Felt the effects over the weekend by sleeping it off.

On Wednesday, Joszi (the guy who arranged the Kazincbarcika trial) came to training with the clubs driver, Jonchi. Jonchi is the guy who drove me from Kasnicbaric to Budapest when I finished my trial. He drove all the way down just to see me train! So that was very flattering. A few people at the club are still really interested in having me after I impressed at the trial. The problem remains is that they can’t offer me a professional contract. But Joszi knows people in Hungary and outside aswell.. so maybe one day something will materialise with his connections.

And to review my desire again about going to university. Reading an article like this again supports my strong beliefs that formal education is useless. Feel still like I need a piece of paper.. but slowly that desire goes away when I’m working on business.

Finally.. 6-1. Wow, I can’t believe it.

Next Week

Did about 17 hours this week.

Will continue to train with Moses before I head off to Scotland.. next week? And will continue enjoying life here while I can. At least 2 hours each day until then.


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