Ronaldo Signing Contract

Weekly Review 26th – 2nd October 2011 “I got offered a contract”

23 October 2011


Ronaldo Signing Contract
On Monday I went to Kasnicbaric with three people. My coach/mentor Moses, then Joszi, the Hungarian guy who knows the president and recommended me, and Taylor, a Nigerian guy who supports me and I train with. Taylor always says in his Nigerian English accent, “you can play for the Australian national team”. It took about 2 1/2 hours to get there. This is a short summary of what happened everyday.
Day 1: 
Meeting with all the staff in the club. Coach says he wants a starting 11 player. On the level of youth national team players.
Trained with u/19 later in the day. They were ok. Not as good as vasas u/19.
Day 2: 
– Morning was gym, some jogging and then to the pool.
– Afternoon training: simple passing drills, 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3.
Showed more confidence than I would of in previous trials. I’m just as good as them.
Finished training with a match. Good pressure by me on the defence, made alot of behind the defence runs, but didn’t get the ball. Simone a player from Cameroon said he thinks I made a good first impression to the coach. So I will continue that in the friendly match tomorrow, keep doing what I did today and there should be a positive outcome.
Day 3: 
– Overall Played well in the match. Happy with my performance. Scored a goal. Outside of the box and through the defence players legs. Made good runs, good pressure on defence for them to make mistakes. Good talking.
Coach says he cannot offer me contract because he is looking for a more experienced attacker. He says I am fast, good coordination, but am not intelligent enough for 2nd division, and lacks strength. This is bullshit.
There are coaches that just want to win games and coaches that care about  developing players.
Later I call Moses tell him of the news, He was told by a member of staff named Barni, that I was one of the best players on the pitch. I am confused.
Day 4: 
So then they sit down with me and say they can offer me a amateur contract, but I get paid nothing, train with the first team and play with the u/19. I say my goodbyes. And The clubs “driver?” drives me back to Budapest later in the morning.
Before I leave, I talk to a African player, Yusuf who has played in many different countries. He tells me he earns only 100,000 forint per month ($500) and he is on an amateur contract.
Yusuf says if I am offered anything I should take it because I will improve. He says in the future from what he sees, I can be a very good player.
But I came out of the experience feeling pretty demoralised. I had just put in all this work, I tried my best, I played well and an amateur contract offer is all I get in return.
Fortunately a few days later, Moses told me that he invited some other coaches to come and watch the friendly match. A coach from the 3rd division is apparently really interested in me and is willing to give me a PRO contract with a salary and accommodation for 6-7 games until the winter break. I’m still not quite sure that if I get this contract there..then that I have “made it” but I know it’s a step in the right direction.. But how big?
I think the main weakness at the high level is that I have to improve are my  one on ones. I always had some trouble with beating players consistently. Other than that, I’ve reached this lower league European playing level. Now the next step is improving even more to have the ability to play comfortably in a 1st division – 2nd rate footballing country like Hungary for example.
Now, nothing has really developed with the other contacts I made, although Kevin said he’s speaking to some people he knows in Italy. According to Chris, Scotland is suppose to be ready and organised any day now…
Next Week training
So I did a mental training session everyday this week (except Thursday, because I felt like shit). I think it gave me a edge, and helped me to be a little calmer leading up to the friendly match and the trainings. So I will keep doing these sessions every now and then, and especially in the days leading up to a important match or trial for example.
15 hours completed this week. 15 hours next week and focusing on improving in one on one situations when I get the chance.


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