If you believe in yourself, and match that belief with hard work. There's no way you can fail.

Weekly Review 3rd – 9th October 2011 [false alarms & student life?]

10 October 2011

If you believe in yourself, and match that belief with hard work. There's no way you can fail.

Another week of waiting for my new life to start. Absolutely nothing actually happened this week in terms of football. That team in the 3rd division is ending their season so it’s not worth it for them to sign me. Chris said he was trying to call Montrose.. and nothing from the other guys from LinkedIn. It’s not bad really. A normal day for me right now is waking up, working on business throughout the day and training in the evenings. On weekends is hanging out with a few friends, maybe watching a movie, going to a party or two. When I think about it, this is the sort of lifestyle I want, but I just feel like I’m missing out on something that all my friends that once lived here are doing now, and that’s living the university life. When I talk to my friends on facebook about it, it seems everyone is having fun and it just sounds like a great life. There’s also pressure from my family about attending too. I feel like I have to go.. just to try it at least so I don’t regret later. But not really because I feel like I have to go, but because I want to. They say that to reach your dreams you need to sacrifice alot, but I don’t believe in that. I believe that if things are organised and carefully planned properly and your disciplined about it, you can do all the things you want.

This is what I want my day to be like.
Morning: Wake up in my student dorm.
Late Morning: Go to class.
Afternoon: Go to training with my club.
Evening: Get back and hang out with everyone at the dorm.

Problems with this:
1. Most student housing requires you to be attending a university.
2. In a pro club, football training times will change and the only time I can actually attend class regulary is in the early morning and evening.
3. UK and Australian applications close soon, some uni’s in the next few weeks.

But I’m confused if something like this, is something I really want to do:
1. I’ll always be with the boys in the team, and having fun like that.
2. I don’t really think university “study” will benefit me in creating a better business, but it would make me more reputable as a person, having attended university.
3. I’m not one to go party all the time.
4. Is uni really as good as everyone else says it is?
5. Am I not living the uni style life already for the past three years? 

What are the alternatives I ask:
1. Go to university full time, play football part-time (like in a Conference team) and graduate when I’m 21-22, then play football full-time.
Answer to this: I don’t want to go to university full-time because there will be too many times where I feel as so many things don’t apply to real world, but at least I would had the real experience of university.

2. Play football full-time, go to university part-time.
Answer: That’s more like it.

3. Play football full-time, stay in student flat share.
Answer: Hmm.. yes?

The problem is, things change week-by-week, but university applications start around now. So I have to asses this desire of mine week-by-week.

Next Week
15 hours this week of training. Working on those one on ones, and I’ll keep working on them.

15 hours next week.

I also have to do something to speed up football. So next week I’m going to contact all the clubs in and around Vienna about a trial.


  1. BestPlayer says:

    Man – you are so on top of it: you are asking all of the right questions.

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