Lionel Messi Amazing

Weekly Review 19th – 25th September 2011 [finally!]

25 September 2011

Lionel Messi Amazing

It was late afternoon and I was half-awake lying on my bed in the late afternoon after a intense training sesh in with Moses earlier in the morning. I picked up the phone and it was Moses: “Nick, I have good news for you! A professional club in the 2nd division of Hungary want you for a trial!” Moses has told me dozens of times that you never know who’s watching you. Last week, Moses’ friend or work colleague came to where we train. He came to meet Moses because I think they work together and needed to talk about something. It turns out that the guy knew the president of a 2nd division club about 150km away from Budapest (I don’t know how to write the name). So my video and CV were sent over to him and it was forwarded to the coach. The coach saw my video and they invited me for a trial! Moses also negotiated that my food and accommodation would be covered while I’m staying there, which is good. So he’s going to drive me up there with Moses tomorrow morning.

I feel great! I feel like I’ve been playing better than I’ve ever have in the past, I’m more confident and I show that character now of really trying to win the ball. I don’t think there’s ever been a better time to go on a trial. I feel prepared, ready and mostly relaxed. I owe a lot to the way I feel physically to Moses, because he has done some really good training for me. Combined with the mental training from athletesaudio I’ve been doing, that will ensure I don’t panic and get stressed. So yeah, I believe the outcome of this one week  trial is going to be positive. I really mean that.

As for Scotland, well Chris didn’t give me anymore updates so I just assume he’s getting final plans organised with the coach and hopefully I can go there as soon as I get back from this trial.

I met more people online via a LinkedIn discussion I posted. Three people responded, most notably a nice guy called Paul from England. He could understand my desires because he wanted to be a pro himself but never made it and he’s launching some sort of service for players to get their CV passed on. Paul said this:

I have passed on all of your details, video and CV to a scout/academy manager that I get on particuarly well with. He was impressed!
He is going to speak to a couple of his contacts and then get back to me or directly with you. 
If I hear anything I will give you a shout.
Another guy called Fernando messaged me. He said he could get me into a club like Academica Coimbra in the Portugeese 1st division. He wanted a mandate so he could represent me when my contract finished with Chris. But when I think about it.. I think it just screams scam.. so I will pass on that.

So yeah.. it was a good week. Good week for my business aswell which has really done wonders keeping me occupied while I’ve been waiting for something to happen. Let’s keep the good times rollin!

Training Summary This Week
15:40 this week. Again 40 minutes more than required becuase I’m cool. Next week I’ll just be training with the professional team.. so I will commit to doing a mental training excercise at least once everyday, drinking plenty of water, a lot of rest, etc.

And Messi, Rooney, Aguero.. it is ridculous the amount of goals their scoring at the moment.. but it’s just amazing to watch and learn from them!

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