Aiden Mcgeady From 3rd to 1st

Weekly Review 10th – 16th October 2011 [scotland is on!]

24 October 2011

 Scotland Football

Aiden Mcgeady From 3rd to 1st
It looks like the Scotland trial for Montrose is on! I found and messaged Steven Tweed on LinkedIn, the guy who was apparently making the arrangements for me to go. He said that I can go at anytime and when I got a message from Chris they their ready, I told him I messaged  Steven. He was unhappy that I messaged him without his permission. Lesson learned, so now I’m waiting on a final confirmed date to go, with another guy called Tony I think who lives in the UK
Speaking of Moses, on Wednesday he took me to meet his friend coaching a 2nd division club in Budapest. The coach (forgot his name) is a young guy and played for Cottbuss, which was one of the biggest teams in Germany a while ago. He spoke good English and seemed interested to give me a proper trial, even though I just wanted a good club to train with until I went somewhere on a trial.
I was supposed to begin training with them on Tuesday, but since these Scotland developments, I’m gonna have to hold that off.
And now I just got a text from Ivan (guy from LinkedIn) to say a club in the German 3rd division or the 2nd division in the Czech Republic can offer me a trial. He contacted me when I was in Croatia last month, and said he could help me, so I sent him over my info, but never heard back from him until now. And he doesn’t seem to mind I have an agent either. He says he will tell me more on Friday.
So what else.. um. On Saturday I trained kind of lazily because I was training with the kids at Buda and just feel embarrassed when I’m playing with some kids as young as 11 or 12 and I’m trying to be a pro player here.. Hm. But if I play lazily, even just once.. It messes me up psychologically, and damages the confidence you build up over the last few weeks of training. And it sets a bad impression on others. So something I learnt about myself.. Never play like a lazy wanker! No matter who against!
Last Week I said “I’m going to contact all the clubs in and around Vienna about a trial“. Was slow to do it actually, but since these new developments came up, it’s better to keep focus on whats ahead.
Next Week

So now I’m starting prep trainings again with Mo until the day I leave and from today until then I’ll be doing a mental prep session everyday.

15 hours last week, and at least two hours everyday from now until the trial.
I kept working on those 1 on 1’s so I improve on that. +1-2 xp on that.. Been playing too much FIFA. Maybe I should create a FIFA player profile which I rate my current skills but in real life, and then asses how much I improve each week.
It’s getting cold in Budapest. Have to wear a jumper when I train now, that summer is long gone now. 












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