Weekly Review 1st – 7th August 2011 “the wait, patience is virtue”

08 August 2011

Patience is Virtue

Patience is Virtue

It’s been a quiet first week of August. I honestly don’t have much to say but I’ll just go into detail about things. I keep training everyday, today I trained with Moses again so I get some good training while I’m just waiting for the agent to come back to me with something. I’ve also been training with Hegyvidek but sometimes the training you do can be damaging. There was a fitness session on ¬†Thursday and one of things we did was go up 10 concrete steps, repeat 5 times, rest and then do 10 sets of them. I’m still feeling the soreness from that today.

So like the picture suggests, I’m just patiently waiting like I have been these last few weeks and I guess there will be more waiting to do with the agent. But good things will come.

I did 20 hours of training this week, I’ll continue 20 hours next week aswell. Let’s see what the new week brings.

P.S. I ordered some stuff off prodirect, haven’t got new boots since December. My Superfly’s studs broke and my Adizero’s sole is about to tear away. I got a brand new pair of Tiempo Legend IV’s, Nike Bag, Fifa Approved Nike Ball and some socks. Hopefully this will be the last order of football gear I ever buy as when I turn professional, the club will buy it for me!

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