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06 August 2011

I've come to realise that making it in the business world is basically the same as football. There are millions of people trying to make their business as successful as possible and only about 5 – 10% of businesses will remain after 5 years of starting. Now that I'm just about to make it as one of the 10,000 professional footballers in the world, but really only getting to this stage with the help of this blog keeping me focused every week.

I've always had two passions in life. Kicking the ball about and making my own businesses. I'm not completely new to business and in fact I've always had a passion for it since I was a tiny kid. I remember pretending to have my own convenience store in my bed when I was 5 or 6 and transacting with fake money (I always loved to have fake money! I actually remember stealing some fake $2 coins from my year 1 teacher's storage room, sorry Ms. Shaw!) I've always loved building things from the ground up, building toy cities witth airports and train lines. I went to people's houses to get pocket money for washing cars. I sold burnt CD's to my friends for $5.00. Over the past four-five years I've made what must be tens of thousands of dollars cumatively from online businesses. At age 13, I sold 100+ refurbished iPods on ebay for $20 – 30 profit each in the space of 3 months. At age 14, I began selling football boots from my own online store, and over the last few years I've probably made over a dozen new websites and ventures but most have failed. I've always wanted to be a millionaire flying first class, beautiful houses, bachelor life, etc and I really want to achieve that at an early age. Now that I'm 18, I want to really go for this other dream of mine. Being a professional footballer/multi-millionaire businessman is by far the coolest title I can think of. One of the biggest problems of mine is staying focused and going through with things until the very end. I'm one of these guys who can't stop thinking of new ideas, inventions, etc, but since I think of so many, I'm not good with going through with them! 

If I improved tremendously with becoming a footballer and defying the odds, then I can surely do the same with business no matter how young I am right now. 

So I'm going to commit myself now, that at least once every week for the next x number of weeks/months/years, etc I'll give a weekly update on my business ventures and keep constantly refining, improving and making myself a millionaire through business. I'll do this every Monday. Infact I actually have a goal of becoming a billionaire at some point in my life. Another big call by me, but I truly have not 1% doubt that I can't do it. So, how does this sound.. Nick Humphries is the Australian National Football Team captain, and has a net worth of $500 million dollars. Dream big! 

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In 2009, I was an average soccer player with a dream. I started this blog to document my journey from local underdog to getting offered over $100,000 in soccer scholarships, a contract to play professionally and the experience of playing in Europe.
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