Weekly Review 8th – 14th August 2011 [waiting, being consistent, fun]

15 August 2011

Consistency. To be considered one of the best players you need to play well in the majority of games in a season. My Dad voiced this out to me at home while watching a  Bundesliga game on TV. My Dad says it looks like I give up too easily, and I don’t fight for the ball. I’m surprised when I hear that, because I don’t consider myself to be a player like that, nor do I want to be seen that way. This is why young players have trouble getting first team games on a regular basis. I can’t remember which post I said it in but it was a while ago when I said that I should conserve my energy, but I think this just makes me lazy. Players like John Terry, Frank Lampard, Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Gerrard, Rooney, are players that don’t have their name and “lazy, and undetermined” in the same sentence. So my new game plan is to commit to doing my best to fight and shove players when the ball is 15-20m away from me, and on occasion if I have gas in the tank and nothings happening, that I go beyond that distance and go for the ball. This way I’ll get more of the ball, the coach will see I am a player who wants to win, see more of me in his peripheral vision and it shows my character. So that’s what I wanted to say about that part of my game.

Still nothing happening with Chris, I guess it’s just annoying waiting but I get to spend last days with my friends here in Budapest before every single person is out of the country, went to the Sziget festival, saw Kid Cudi, amazing, it was great.

Other than that I don”t think I’m going to write much more.. FABREGAS to Barcelona, that’s huge! Where’s he going to fit in, what’s going to happen to Arsenal?

This Week’s Training
16.5/20 hours, on Wednesday I did something stupid and on Thursday I was sick the whole day. So I’m going to punish myself with 6 hours of extra work next week. I’m taking part in summer camp here, that’s about 20 hours so I’ll take 6 hours of game analysis, etc.

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