Weekly Review 11th – 17th July 2011 [vasas]

18 July 2011

These are my notes I recorded on my iPhone during my trial at Vasas SC this week Tuesday – Friday:

– Did some technical drills, did well.
– did good in the session overall

Fitness tests: I think Overall I was average or just below average in the entire group. So it means I can keep up physically. 1000m 3:31 I think.
30m sprint: 4:26 (pro set up) – good
30m sprint with ball, i think 4:56 – good
Dribbling with ball slalom: didn’t do as well as I could, so I was one of the bottom in the group (only had one chance)
And standing jump = 60cm, which was good.

So yeah, I’m not an outlier I’m at their level.

So the first two days, I feel I’ve passed. Now, Thursday afternoon 4:30.
Friday is a practice trial match, if i do well in that, I feel like then I have got a contract in my hands.

– did some technical ball work, played a game, did ok.

– Played a test match

My reflection after the match: The head coach summed up week saying that, I’m great technically, I’m intelligent (finally, I’m not a dumb player anymore!) ¬†runs I made were good in game.
But I’m just as good as players that are one or two years younger than me.
I explained to him that I’d never played in a professional club before, and that i would become a much better player if i was given the opportunity. I didn’t take no for an answer. He then reconsidered his decision, and said they would call me if there were any test matches. But I said, I need regular training! Finally the coach said he would call his boss, and the boss makes the final decision.

You know, I was just saying to myself after the match, regardless of whether I would get a contract or not, I felt like I’m just one step away from a pro. I’m just missing one or two ingredients in my game.
Most of the guys have been Playing in the top youth sides in Hungary for years and years and it shows on the pitch. Most people say Hungarian football is shit, but when I’m looking from the sidelines, some of them are bloody good and I love to watch some of their passing moves. Although the players can’t keep playing fantastic football when they’re tired.

I’ve never played for a team even close to the standard of a professional club. If I’m just as good as them now, and I’m given time to adapt to the pace, to the whole environment, my game can go to a whole new level.

I guess you could compare it, getting a new job at switching on different difficulties on a game like FIFA. you do well on professional difficulty and when you change to world class, games are alot less easier to win, however when you keep playing at world class difficulty you get used to the speed of the game, the higher intelligence of the players and you get better and better until you start winning all your games again!!

So yeah, It’s Monday lunchtime now and I haven’t received any new news yet. When I told Jahan on the Friday that the coach was considering me, he invited me to a dinner. At the dinner was a guy called Sandor, a really nice, friendly guy in his late 20’s. He played for Debrecen (good club in Hungary), but was forced to retire early in his career. He then coached Ujpest FC for five years and now he’s becoming the director of Vasas. Jahan showed Sandor my video, and so he knew who I was. I explained to him how the trial went and what’s happening now and he was really willing to help. I don’t know why, I guess he just likes helping young players. He assured me that he has alot of footballing connections so I will get placed eventually. He was also going to talk to the coach at Vasas and try get in a word for me. Like I said, I don’t know how that conversation went yet.

I’m seeing first hand now how valuable connections can be. People say connections come out of just being lucky, but if people see that you have big dreams in life and that you’re working hard, you will get people that will support you sooner or later. That’s why I say to anyone going for their goals, just don’t give up and seize every opportunity. You never know what could happen.

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