Weekly Review 4th – 10th July 2011 [the day is here]

11 July 2011

Writing this post today (Monday), fell asleep early last night and didn’t write. Today is the start of the much anticipated Vasas trial I’ve been preparing for the last three weeks, but approached with some apprehension on whether or not it’s right for me. This evening begins the first session, and I’m not going to worry about all that other stuff. I’m just going to have lots of fun playing football, and appreciate this chance I’ve been given.

This week was training everyday Monday – Friday with Moses. Went to see the physio on Wednesday and got some high tech treatment, the guy who treated me, treats many of the top athletes in Hungary so that was cool. The guy massaged, did some electo shock therapy, then this thing which vibrates your whole leg followed by some electro magnetic stuff. Went again on Thursday, and felt good on Friday’s training. Moses told me to have a break and just do some light work on the weekend. So in the afternoon I went to the Balaton Sound festival here in Hungary with a few friends to see Big Boi, Magnetic Man and Fedde le Grand. All pretty cool acts. Yesterday I went down to the field and did a bit of ball work/pushups/situps. I still felt the strain in my left upper hammy, maybe because of too much dancing which affected to the treatment. Anyway, we’ll see how I go with it all today.

Did 15.5/20 hours, Moses didn’t want me to train + didn’t want brain overload watching games. So this new week, there is no schedule, have to see how I fit in this team, etc. I’ll remain focused on the ultimate goal, and that’s reaching my dream of making it in a professional club. I’m prepared, ready and feeling good… so Wish me luck!


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