Weekly Review 27th – 3rd July 2011 [they don’t like foreigners!]

03 July 2011

Time goes so fast these days, It’s already July and this month on the 27th I’m turning 18! Wow, it seems like such a big number to me, I still feel like I should be 15 or 16, and I don’t feel as mature as I should be at this age. Wow, I mean I am basically a full grown adult now.. I don’t want to talk about this, I’m just gonna start feeling older! lol.

It hit me this week when mentioning my trial with Vasas is next week, my friends said to me, “Nick, they don’t like foreigners”, “They will purposely give you bad passes to make you look bad”. How would I make friends? Looking at team photos, I would be like the only foreign guy there. I asked myself, woah, what am I getting into here!? I should just go back to Australia! or focus on going to the U.S! Truth is, I don’t know what I’m getting myself into. I don’t know how my life at the club would be.. I shouldn’t overthink this. I’m just going to train, alot of footballers speak English, and even if I were to sign a contract it would just be until Janurary, and the season takes a break from November to March anyway! Maybe it would be better living back in Australia where… ok I’m gonna stop now. I’m not gonna waste time going through all the possibilities. Need to put my focus on the task ahead. What’s good is that I’m not nervous like I used to be, I’ve had enough trials experience to feel that being nervous is ultimately going to make you perform worse.

The annoying injury I have under my butt, could possibly be upper hamstring tendonitis. But I’m gonna try get an appointment with a physio booked tomorrow, get it checked out, I heard a sports massage is recommended. Meanwhile, I can’t afford to skip any trainings with Moses, need all the preperation I can get! But the injury limits me from going on a full out sprint and doing quick turns without pain. I could play through it during my trial at Vasas, then if I get a contract, rest and get it sorted out. Looking at old posts, it started in September while playing at lunch with friends, it came back in October, then again the last month or so.

So next week, I need to eat right, drink more water, listen to motivational audiobooks and videos, and approach this trial with all that I’ve learnt in the last two years and with the sense that I have a higher purpose for football than any other of the players.

Next Week

Completed 14.5 hours / 20 hours this week because of this injury holding me back, would of loved to play more in the rainy conditions! Still keeping on this plan for next week, but it could be the last plan for a while if I start having two a days. Roughly 20 hours next week. I know what to do.





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