Weekly Review 19th – 25th July 2011 [uncertain wk.2]

26 July 2011

I was rejected by Vasas. That’s alright, it’s ok. It’s just part of life these failures, and you learn something new every time. I can’t speak Hungarian and I didn’t show I was better than the bulk of their players.

It annoyed me that I had to train just on my own this week. What I’m getting more annoyed about is that Jahan or Sandor didn’t let me know what was going on with Vasas and trials until I asked! So it dawned on me, should I let these guys be in control of my destiny? I have to realize the fact that they’re more concerned about themselves, than just another player trying to make it. I mean I’m just a person they’re doing a favour for on the side. They have their own dreams and ambitions they’re working towards, so even though they are genuinely really nice people, understandably I’m going to be low on their thinking priority lists.

I’ve always been a guy who sets out, takes action and plans his next steps. I don’t like waiting. So as those thoughts about where I’m heading crossed my mind (as they have all week), I began emailing various a-league clubs. Some respond, some don’t. But it looks like I could possibly trial for 2-3 clubs and get a contract in the A-league NYL (national youth league). If I played for a club like Sydney FC, it would be perfect. Close to family and old friends. The a-league would probably be a step down compared to Europe on the CV, but to be honest I don’t really care. It would be great returning to Australia for the short-term to live. I could train everyday, get a part time job, while running my own business on the side, and visit my friends down in Canberra on weekends. I could share a flat with some students. I could imagine myself working hard, staying long after trainings, improve and return to Europe when I feel ready. Easier said then done though.

There’s also Chris the agent. He could manage all the football side of things and it would be great. Obviously, I don’t have all the connections but Chris does. Like I said in a earlier post, connections are invaluable. Then I wouldn’t have to do all the contacting and following up.

I gotta give credit to my family through all this. I am extremely fortunate to have a family who trusts in me to do what I want to do and follow my dreams. If I didn’t, everything would be a lot more difficult. I’m thankful it’s not. My Mum begs me to be a flight attendant if football doesn’t work out, so I can travel the world. I just want to be a pro already so she stops thinking these crazy ideas for my future!

So I guess I have three options here.

1. Keep going with 20 yr old Jahans connections and help.

2. Go with Chris the agent = connections everywhere = – expensive

3. Let my teenage self manage and secure a contract in the a-league.

But while this is all going on, I have a trial with Ujpest FC starting Monday/Tuesday. And it’s nearly August where squads are getting wrapped up. I guess it’s gonna be another uncertain week.

Next Week

10 hours of training this week. Ujpest next week.. hopefully.

UPDATE: It’s about 2am Monday night/Tuesday morning or whatever you wanna call it. Parent’s suggested I should call Chris and talk to him about my future. I first told him about what’s been going on here and how it’s not the best idea to self-manage inexperienced. Chris is a nice Aussie bloke. After a 30 minute talk with him, he said we could possibly try Europe until the end of August or so. If there’s nothing there, he told me he could arrange a trial with Sydney FC in the NYL for a few weeks.  He didn’t say any specific countries or places I could go, he doesn’t really know until he talks to my coaches and gets feedback from trials. Speaking of trials, he doesn’t think trialing at random clubs is a good idea. He would want me to go to a club with a coach that is focused on development and not winning. But he’s definitely not aiming for me to be playing at a high level. It seems like he would want me at a level like the German 4th divison for example. Hmm.. not so ideal but since I haven’t played for any professional clubs or play for the national team, that’s reality. What I don’t like is that Chris is not that ambitious. I mean he was talking about by the age I reach 23, 24, 25 that I be playing first team football for a 30 – 40,000 euro salary. That is definitely not my ambition. I want to play in the premier league. I want to play in the champions league. But I guess I gotta got established first and it’s a 2 year contract anyway. I’m in the developmental stage. I also learnt his fee is also just an advance, so once I get a contract he get’s the 10%. And for some reason I thought that other people couldn’t organise things if you had an agent. But not true, Jahan, or Janos, or whoever could organise things for me and he gets the fee. Suppose to be training with Ujpest tomorrow.. but haven’t heard anything from Jahan or Sandor..

Control your destiny

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