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Weekly Review 31st – 5th June 2011 [hope & sports networking]

06 June 2011


The picture above is me getting my high school diploma!

I remember hearing a few people say, football isn’t about how good you are, it’s about who you know. I thought that was bullshit, your going to get noticed if your good enough and never give up. But that being said, connections are powerful not only in football but getting ahead in life too. Most aspiring footballers don’t know many people, or perhaps no one at all to take them to the next level and that’s why so many get demotivated and give up. You can  make new contacts by emailing various people at clubs, talking to people and making friends, then if you really are good enough, you are bound to be on your way to somewhere better. But you have to keep trying.

This week, my footballing career just shun a bright ray of hope. I’ve known a Persian guy called Jahan for a few months now, we play in the same amateur football club. He is a university student in Budapest and is moving later this month to California to be an assistant coach of UCLA. When I was in that phase of getting a U.S. scholarship, UCLA was my number one choice. Out of the hundreds of soccer colleges in America, it’s an amazing coincidence that he will be assistant there. He has dreams of being a coach, I have dreams of being a footballer. Fortunately, Jahan is a very friendly and a guy who will do anything for his friends, and although he’s only about 20, he knows quite a few people in the football industry. I’ve talked to him before about my situation and my ambitions, but this week he finally tried helping me try to fulfill my ambitions. Jahan has asked his contacts from many parts of the world to help me. So far I have a trial secured with Vasas SC, one of the top football clubs in Hungary. Their pre-season starts July 11. There could be possibilities of Austria, Germany or even Japan, I will know more about those options and if I have a chance there next week. Jahan’s talked about one of his friends (a coach in the J-league) needing a European player in their squad.  Japan would be an amazing place to live, I love the culture, the food and all the friendly people. Japanese fans are crazy and passionate about their teams as well. Although Europe would be the best place to develop my career, I think personally seeing as I am half Japanese, Japan would be also be a great place to wake up every morning 🙂

I’m excited about all the possibilities that could occur right now, but Jahan said I need to build up my CV first before I can go anywhere big, so second rate clubs are ok for now. Before that dream move to Chelsea or Manchester United of course 😉  I’ve been in contact with Chris the agent, but Jahan would probably be just as effective as him and he is doing everything for free, just for me 🙂 It looks like I won’t sign with Chris after all, maybe just for now anyway.

I don’t want to get too ahead of myself. Things can change for the worse in one moment, and nothing could happen at all. But when you work everyday for your chance, and the chance comes, you gotta be happy 🙂

So more on that next week!

This week there were two games on Wednesday and Thursday. Reserves on Wedneday and BJ’s on Thursday. Nothing significant to report there. I didn’t mention, a couple of weeks ago when I was having exams, Hobo (the first team coach, and yes thats his real name) dropped me from the first XI because I said I would only attend if I were starting the match. Stupid mistake by me, but thankfully there is only a week left in the season so it’s not a big deal when I’m going to leave the club anyway.

I felt that on Thursday’s game I was full of energy (despite eating Mcdonalds beforehand) and I felt like I could run and run without fatigue. I feel as though I play better when my running fitness is good. I’m pretty sure this fitness boost has developed from going to intensive African trainings with Moses. So I will take note that I think I should incorporate some jogging sesh’s into my schedule, over the summer and pre-season anyway. By the way this is the “field” we train on there below, an abadoned, overgrown pitch.

african training

Oh I want to mention one thing about African trainings. Sometimes when we train, we all get together and pray. I’m not religious and never go to Church other than Christmas with family basically. But in the prayers, the players (many are immigrants and poor living in the country) will say how thankful they are, that they are not in poverty, a slave, in bad health, etc. Sometimes you have to realize how lucky you are. I don’t have any health problems, I have an amazing family who supports me and loves each other, and friends I can trust. When I feel like being lazy, I just think of the opportunity I have that someone else does not.

I went to my friends countryside house on Friday morning and came back today as part of a senior graduating trip. Pretty relaxing, but it meant that I didn’t train Friday/Saturday.

Next Sunday, my family is probably going down to Croatia for a holiday and I should definitely join them. For the last three weeks I’ve had reduced training schedule of 15 hours, from the usual 20 a week. Next week will be last week of 15 hours. Then the following week, I’ll have a complete 1 week rest for my body and from there, It’s back to the regular schedule, and extra focus for the upcoming trials I may have. But like I said, everything could change in one moment!

Other than that, tomorrow is the start of a fresh new week and a morning training, good night!

Next Week

Missed roughly four hours from the schedule from going to my friends. Won’t roll it over to this weeks as I needed that physical rest.

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Morning African Training (1:30) African Training (1:30) African Training (1:30)
Lunch Pre-Training Personal Session (0:30)
Afternoon Pre-Training Personal Session (0:25) Personal Session (0:45) Club Training (1:30) Game (2:10)
Evening Personal Session (0:45) Club Training (1:30) Game Analysis (1:20) Club Training (1:30)
Late Evening  

That’s a long post!

Sports Networking

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