Weekly Review 23rd – 29th May 2011 [best team in the world]

29 May 2011

Barcelona winning the Champions League this week comes as no surprise. I’ve watched at least a dozen or two dozen Barcelona games this season and I always look forward to seeing them play. It’s the tiki-taka football, passing and movement that gets me excited and sometimes I just have to say “Wow!” to myself. It’s a cliche, but it can really be breathtaking watching Barcelona play. The problem is that on Saturday I had prom, and although they showed the match, I couldn’t really keep a clear focus because of my date. Football and girls just don’t mix, except the ones who play it of course. I downloaded the game, so I can watch it again now. One of things that stood out was Messi’s emotion in that second goal, I’ve never seen him that happy in all the goals I’ve seen him score, and I could just feel what he was feeling just by watching him. I am aiming to have the chance of playing in an occasion like that one day. Billions of people watching, just the whole occasion. It’s the ultimate dream.

Reality check to the unsigned 17 year old footballer. Moses my current football coach and mentor has always told me to play with more confidence. Take more players on, more shots and to really show my ability. He’s been drumming this into my ears over the last year or so. This whole dilemma with me finding “who I am as a footballer”, my character I think has reached a turning point. Because now I think I understand how you find that character, and that’s by taking risks. For example, if I’m playing a game or training, I usually go for a simple pass rather than try dribble a player and shoot in fear of my coach and players yelling at me and telling me I’m shit. But I learn now just to get over that fear, to play free and with 100% confidence. Just to do it, like I have nothing to lose. And I really do have nothing to lose. From next week I’m just going to go for it and play without fear. I think this is my final obstacle, that I have to overcome myself to be good enough to be considered a professional footballer.

Next Week

Missed about an hour and twenty last week, so roll that over. it will be another 15 hour week. I feel as though more will get me unmotivated and It looks like I won’t have any rest days this week.


Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Afternoon Watch Game (2:20) Personal Session (0:35) Men’s training(1:50) Club Training (1:30) Game (2:10)
Evening Club Training (1:40) Game (2:05) Club Training (1:35) Personal Session (0:35) (Personal Session (1:00)
Late Evening Personal Session (1:00)  




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