Weekly Review 16th – 22nd May “FINISHED! Graduated High School”

23 May 2011

Graduated High School

Didier Drobgba Chelsea

It’s done. Classes are over. Homework is over. No more tests. No more exams. I am excited for what’s next, because now I can just concentrate on getting that  life of being a professional footballer and fulfilling my ambitions in life. Getting a degree, finding a job and living an average life is not for me. I want to be something much much bigger, and something more than I could ever imagine myself being. It’s a cliche, but I have my whole life ahead of me. Now it’s really time to get down and focused.

My Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube page will now be updated more regulary. So far I have 6 likes, 23 followers and subscribers. I’m aiming for a thousand in all departments by the end of June

As far as training and game performances went this week, it wasn’t all that great. Here are my notes from Wednesday’s game with my youth team and Sunday’s game with the Men’s reserves. Creating some highlight videos of them as I write.

Game #14 90 min played, left mid and centre attacking mid. Budajuniors.
– worked really hard in the game, was running all the time and trying to get the ball, but Janos says I don’t show any character. I’m frustrated, what more can I do.
– scored 1 free kick Ronaldo style.
– another free kick, that was headed into own goal.
– some dribbles, but I got tired towards the end of the dribble and messed it up.
– still not certain about this whole character stuff

Game #15 90 min right back. Hegy.
– probably didn’t go forward enough.
– overall played ok, but not amazing.
– didn’t feel prepared mentally or physically. Need to have a match day schedule or something where I concentrate on the game and eat earlier.
– dribbles wernet good or fast enough,

Next Week

Last week with 15 hours. Missed 1:20 from previous week.




Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Afternoon Watch Game (2:20) Personal Session (0:30) Men’s training(1:30) Club Training (1:30) Game (2:10)
Evening Club Training (1:40) Game (2:10) Club Training (1:35) Personal Session (0:35) (Personal Session (1:00)
Late Evening Personal Session (1:20)




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