This Weeks Reflection 1st – 7th March 2010

07 March 2010
This week has been a little lazy. I haven’t been doing many extra trainings, and I think i’ve lost some of that motivation of becoming the best, why.. because I am becoming better, i’m seeing now that the challenge of becoming a premier league star is not impossible, that I can relax and delay a little, I have plenty of time to do what I want.
I need to get back to a grip on reality, after all I didn’t amaze anyone at the wimbledon trial, a club in the 5th division. I’m not consistently the best player at training. I’m not what I want to be right now yet I’m relaxing. I’m not giving 100% at club trainings or at lunch. It’s time to shake off whatever mentality I’ve had over the past week and get back into a winning mentality, 100%.
Here’s what I have seen of myself on the pitch this week:
– Scored a hattrick in three short games, finishing better.
– Feel as though my play intelligence is getting better
– Finishing shows slight improvement
– One-touch long passing is inaccurate and needs work
– One of my 10/10 strengths can be running across the field with the ball.
– Not much I can say : / Didn’t do much ball work.
– Need to give more in games, was not giving 100%.
Other: When my foot placement is right next to the ball, I shoot good. There’s a tip for finishing.
I really need to take the time to properly dig into all the observations I’ve been making of myself, I’m being lazy and not properly managing my time so therefore I haven’t been looking into myself.
Tomorrow I will write out a list of my current weaknesses and strengths in 2010. I’ll see if anything has improved in my current four biggest weaknesses and I definitely need to work on identifying my strengths.
Time to get to bed and give next week my best.
To end the week, good line  (it doesn’t really sum it up) from the movie shutter island I watched yesterday it goes something like: “Pain is your mind telling you that you are in pain”.
Premier league target
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