England Review 22nd – 28th February

28 February 2010

So this evening I got back from London and after watching Chelsea get beat yesterday by Man City at stamford bridge and stupid math homework I just wrote random answers to so I could get it done, i’m not feeling the happiest. But on the good side, going to England and training and playing with competitive youngsters and just getting the experience of playing english football was well worth it. I have come to a conclusion now that after I finish my studies at school, it would be my dream to be..

Living in England/Europe and Playing for a Premier League Academy or Top Level Team

Working Part Time on my Business’

That’s my short-term goal right now and I have about a year and a half to achieve it, time goes fast so i’m working towards the short-term dream from tomorrow, I’m committed!

Reflecting upon the three, two hour trainings with AFC Wimbledon this is what I learnt. What training mostly consisted of were passing drills and one-two touch drills. We never did any fitness sessions, however most of the drills were done at high intensity. The academy team has some good players, however the coaching staff weren’t amazing. I thought Mark the head coach was a good guy, but he didn’t have full discipline over the players, I thought at times he laughed to much with them and could of dealt with heavier consequences to those who were misbehaving in the change rooms or something. The two other coaching staff could of put in more input at times and I don’t know.. I just didn’t think it was professional enough.



  • Leant they play at a high pace and touch has to be good but it was nothing hard I could handle it easy.
  • Other players finishing is better than mine


  • Learnt that so many players are undisciplined (for example players talking when the coach is talking)
  • Have to be strong physically.
  • Standing tackiling was very poor, got beaten through the legs a million times!
  • Haven’t seen a player that really wants it, that gave it their all to be noticed, to win balls, etc.


  • Finishing was poor, striking with laces needs more power.

The other things I found is that touch is really important, which the pros have said before but now I really now how valuable a good touch is when in high intensity, fast pace situations. Speed also helps alot in my opinion.

The Overall Wrap Up from the Coach

– I wasn’t exceptional and he didn’t go wow I really need that player on my team.
– I was there with the standard of players, but not in the high standard bracket.
– I need to be stronger physically.
– Use inside of the foot more.
– He said I didn’t look quick on the pitch, but probably because it was a small pitch.
– I looked ok technically.
– Times where I looked like I got pushed off the ball.
– Need to make faster decisions.
– Need to kick some playing habits out of my game, he didn’t say what exactly.

So the three most important things i’ve learnt about myself in my time there and that need to be improved in order to make it where I want is:

  • Be 10/10 in some areas so I am considered an exceptional player
  • Faster decision making
  • Strength on and off the ball

The next trial I want to go to is for the open trials at the Bolton International Academy in three or four weeks time, will keep you updated if I decide to go or not.

Otherwise, I will keep working hard to become an world class footballer!

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