Weekly Review 15 – 21st February

21 February 2010

Hey, so it is half past nine and i’m sitting in bed at my brothers house in London and taking the time to reflect on the week.

Trials Day

Today was the footballcv trials day in Hampton. It didn’t go so well.. 15-20 minutes after the game starting I got a metal studded boot right in the forehead. Starting bleeding and they had to take me off immediately and I ended up going to the hospital to see if I needed stitches. Turns out the cut didn’t need stitches and the whole day was almost a waste of time. Although I did learn some things in those 15-20 minutes about my first experience playing in England.

  1. It’s played at a faster pace, requiring top fitness.
  2. Many more long balls
  3. Harder tackles

Yeah it was interesting and I’ll learn more about it this week at Wimbledon.

My Preparation
I had a pretty hectic week juggling school, business and football so I had to “cancel” 3 or 4 things I was planning to do, but I also felt my body needed a rest in some occasions because I could risk injury.

How the week went

We did alot of fitness on Wednesday and Thursday and not alot of technical ball work, but i’ll tell you what went on:


  • Finishing was really good, however I wasn’t placed in any one on one situations.


  • Two touch passing is not great
  • Finishing was once again good

Sunday (Match/Trials Day):

  • Short passing was horrible, situations where I got scared, didn’t think and gave the ball away about 2-3 times in 15 minutes.
  • Long passing was ok.
  • Tackling was good, the best assest.

Alright, so now comes Wimbledon.. will keep updated.

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