Weekly Review 8th – 14th February

14 February 2010

What to say about this week…

I’ve only really trained twice this week due to a little sprain in my toe and a knock in my knee. Probably which I could’ve trained on but seeing as I am finally going to England next week to trial, I didn’t want to risk injuring myself further.

In the round up of how my two trainings went, here it is:

– Too relaxed on the ball
– Shooting was way off! Missed all chances.
– Turning with the ball was good, something I have worked on (training pays off once again!)

– Played game, had three one on one chances and finished none! Should have finished all of them.
– Dribbling through cones only with inside of one foot needs a lot of improvement.

I’m about 100% again and next week will be about catching up and getting ready, preparation week. I’m feeling a little out of fitness and I need to work on a couple of things so I don’t embarrass my self. I’ve worked out a schedule which I will stick to until Saturday when I leave to the airport. If I am not at my best at 100% before going into the trial, then I won’t really know how I measure up.

Monday Morning: 10 minutes right/left foot one touch passing,  10 minutes two touch passing, finish with 50 pushups, 50 situps, 150 leg co-ordination exercises / Lunch: 15-20 minute game with friends / Afternoon: 40 minute treadmill run.

Tuesday Morning: Same as Monday / Lunch: Same / Evening: Club training.

Wednesday Morning: 30 minute run / Lunch: Same / Evening: Club training.

Thursday Morning: 10 minutes juggling, 20 minutes dribbling exercises, 10 minutes one touch, two touch/ Lunch: Same / Evening: Club training.

Friday Morning: 60 minutes run / Lunch: Same / Afternoon: Swim

Saturday Morning: Club training and then leave to England.

Sunday: Trials day at FootballCV.

Monday – Saturday: Wimbledon.

Football Training Schedule 8th – 14th Feb

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