Weekly Review 1st -7th February

07 February 2010

So following on from today’s other post,
I had a rocky week this week. Only trained on Tuesday and Wednesday as I got a slight strain on my knee from doing some stretching exercises on Wednesday night. Going through the days here were the key points..

Passing against bench exercise with more pace.
Need to have quicker legs in trampoline sprinting exercise.
Following and man marking has to be better for defending.
Awareness and one touch passing was good.

Saturday’s Game:
The Big Thing That Needs Improvement:
– Taking players on one-on-one, especially with left foot. [I was playing on the right and left wings and was far too slow with taking the ball up, passing and taking players on].
– Shooting was appalling. 2 shots on target, 3 shots way off target.
– Crossing with left foot needs way more improvement.
– Getting back for Tackles, and especially slide tackles were great.

Now, I also have noticed how much training really does relate to games. Everything, the way I pass the ball, how fast I take the ball up the field, how fast for me it takes to get back to defend. I somehow thought that when you’re in a game situation it’s different but really it’s exactly the same. My coach was saying this before, but I didn’t really understand it until now.

I also find that the things you learn while watching games really does make a difference to how you play, from the way you position your body to where you pass, yeah all I have to say is that watching lots of premier league games has made me smarter in football 🙂

Two weeks before England, I have to buckle down right now and prepare properly because if i’m not at my best at 100% before going, than how will I really know how I measure up to these english players.

Stay tuned for more.

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