Weekly Review (LAZY) 8th – 14th March 2010

14 March 2010

LAZY AGAIN. I don’t like myself right now, I didn’t keep my promises, I didn’t train as much as I should have, I didn’t dedicate myself this week.. again.

I really can’t let this continue, the best players are not lazy, the best players are dedicated.

Maybe I’m being too hard on myself. Although, I would like to train three times a day, I’ve found if I’m training too much then I get injured and miss club training where it really counts.

Once again here is what I reflected on this week.

– Didn’t play too great, I was poor.
– Janos referred to my speed when he was talking, that can be one of my 10/10 skills.
– Running with ball up field was poor.

– Left foot Volley needs work a lot of work
– Was good volleying with right, found the outside curl works best for me, Janos said it was good. Crossbar challenge with backspin on ball I was best at, Janos liked it. Perhaps long balls can be another one of my 10/10’s.
– Hit the ball in the middle, foot placed next to the ball and body over to have a pass that doesn’t bounce, I always do bouncing passes, so this technique will improve everything.

– Being in a bad mood affects your play, like it did to mine.
– Didn’t look up sometimes for passes, as I saw that Ricky Carvalho move where he fakes the ball and passes to someone else, that’s what I should do. Look up first and if the player is marked go to the 2nd option. (From now on when playing keep at least three options in mind. Pass to player 1 or player 2 or run with the ball).
– Long touch is not good have to work on this, has been repeated too many times!

– Good tackles
– Runs up the field were better
– In watching games on TV, I feel as though when I’m placed in a game situation I think of what I saw on TV and do the same.

I saw an interview with Alex Ferguson being interviewed about Wayne Rooney’s hot form. Fergie said he trained more than ever, doing extra sessions after training. ¬†Alex said that his movement in the penalty area is much better and that’s why he scores more.

Hmm.. movement in the penalty area. When I think about my own movement in the penalty area, it’s pretty poor. I can’t think of the last time I scored from a high or low cross in a game. This is something I probably could work on my own too.

I haven’t planned at all lately, which is why I’m lazy. So, I will post a training schedule once I reflect on all my reflections as a whole, review strengths and weaknesses and build something around that.


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