Weekly Review 7th – 13th March 2011 [dudu]

Meds were done this week. I can finally start playing every weekend for the next few months. Not going to […]

Weekly Review 1st – 6th March 2011 [when I was a kid]

Luis Suarez did a really nice dribble today against Manchester United. Commentators were saying Kuyt’s three goals were lucky, being […]

Weekly Review 20th – 26th December [christmas]

It’s Christmas time. Not much to say about this week and this will probably be the shortest weekly review I’ve […]

England Review 22nd – 28th February

So this evening I got back from London and after watching Chelsea get beat yesterday by Man City at stamford […]

I can Make It

dream and when the time comes that I walk out the tunnel to see my eyes open to tens of thousands of people only then will I know that I have reached the dream.

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