Vision of the World

13 January 2014
Long plane rides are one of the best ways to think and reflect. You have time, you’re free from distractions and you can just stare into space for hours. It’s beautiful. As I write this from my plane seat from Seoul to Amsterdam, I have another chance to think long and hard about whatever is on my mind.
It’s back to Amsterdam to start another chapter! As always, I don’t really know what to expect. I’m supposed to go there to firstly knock off my exams, then finish another semester of studies, play out the remainder of the season and just have a great time. But I would never bet $100 on that happening!
I watched Jobs, a movie about one of the greatest modern day innovators of all-time, Steve Jobs. Jobs stopped at nothing to achieve his vision of the world. He had the crazy obsessive desire and belief that in the future, everyone will own a personal computer and later on, that everyone would own an iPod. The biopic painted a portrait of a man that many times, I could see myself as.
I’m beginning to formulate my own vision of the world. It’s simple and it’s shared with many around the world. My vision is that in this world, you can become whoever you want to become. After being inspired by self-help books, and educated by Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers, Daniel Coyle’s Talent Code, Paolo Coehlo’s The Alchemist and people like Tim Ferriss, it’s these guys that made me believe that anything was possible. As I’ve applied their findings to my own life, they were right. With belief, smart-hard-work and persistence you can really become whoever you want to become. I’m an “impossibilist”. I make what 99% of what others say is impossible, possible. I want to give that 1% whom believe it’s possible and that are in the right circumstances, an opportunity. The opportunity to develop beyond your wildest dreams. The opportunity to make your dreams, a reality and if not a reality, at very least the self-confidence that with the right environment and training, you can become whoever you want to become. You can live life however you want.
The first step in creating this vision  is the introduction of my new total soccer training companion. In it’s early stages, it will train the next generation of self-motivated players. I’m currently looking for anyone who can assist with designing, creating or promoting. Rewards will be given. Email me at nick[at] and you can find out more at
Over the past few weeks I’ve recorded the first set of videos which will accompany the program. Check them out and spread the word to players who you know want to improve.


Alright, gotta go and stretch my legs now before I get blood clots. See ya.
Plan Next Week

Monday: Spinning Conditioning

Tuesday: JOS Training

Wednesday: Squash Court Training + Explosive Gym Workout

Thursday: JOS Training

Friday: Squash Court Training

Saturday: Squash Court Training + Explosive Gym Workout

Sunday: Game (if <45min do gym workout)

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