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05 January 2014

The last time I posted a weekly review was back in November, and there are a few reasons for it. There’s just not much going at the moment with football, I haven’t taken a break from training or anything – I’m still going as strong as I have been anytime this year. It is Christmas/New Year time so things are kind of quiet. I think the real reason is just because I’m running out of things I can improve. But, when you think like that, there’s a problem. It means your not thinking hard enough, your not digging deep enough to re-raise your game.

Ajax vs NAC Breda!

Pre-match tribute to Nelson Mandela. Ajax vs NAC Breda!

I talked in the last review about going to Ajax training’s, uploading games and doing mental training. I did try going to Ajax first team training’s, but I got blocked off by security. However, in December I did go watch Ajax vs NAC Breda and the Ajax reserves take on the PSV Eindhoven reserves. Both games were interesting to watch and I was a few rows from the front each time!

I have made some variations in my training so it includes a spinning class every week, a really good class for improving stamina and mental strength. I’ve also included boxing, another great class for stamina and concentration. I do see the improvements in my training. I have more energy to get on that ball more and make more of a difference for my team! The next step is to improve my speed and agility to another level. I train my legs once a week at the gym, and although I can feel the soreness in my ass, I won’t feel it will have an effect on my game until I get back to training and games in Amsterdam.



Goal Journal Updates

Long term goals
Play professionally by February 2014.


Short term goals
1. improve my confidence on:
  • 1-on-1’s
  • Receiving with back to ball
    & become a more valuable player by..
  • Looking for more ways I can get on the ball


– Getting better at 1-on-1’s, and find that I have a key advantage as I can shoot with both feet well and so the defender doesn’t know which direction I’ll go. Also learning not to stop or slow down as I’m approaching the defender.
– Getting on the ball more by positioning oneself on edge of box for 1 touch, shot.
– Making inside runs, you can get on the ball so much more as I found in training this week.
– Coach pointed out to me whilst playing, don’t be static, move & move. I think he was right and just maybe the answer to getting on the ball more.
– Receive ball on touchline, rather than in the middle.
4/8/13 – Confidence definitely improving in one on ones as I practice them more and more with the out of contract guys.
12/8 – going inside more as a winger to make those cross field runs, I do get more touches on the ball that way.
25/8 – go inside, but don’t crowd other peoples space.
1/9/ – trying to make more actions. Really trying to turn on that confidence.
15/9 – does better improvement with confidence come from playing with other more and taking risks, or doing individual training?
15/9 – if I compare myself now to this time last year, I definitely go inside more and lose the ball less often with my back to goal.
22/9 – definitely taking more players on in training. More shooting and dribbling. Final ball is lacking at the moment.. which is strange because it is my strength.
1/10 – Hints from coach Jermaine

  • Go inside when making that move, that’s the fastest way to goal.
  • wait for the eye contact and then make the run.

9/10- When to make the run across the defence and when not to. Pic here
21/10 – When there’s low anxiety coming into a match, you play more confidently. Taking on players, etc.
21/10 – Felt completely natural to go 1 on 1 take on and beat my opponent on the left wing. Did very well in that aspect. What I’ve been practicing in training is paying off and becoming natural.
21/10 – Hint from coach Jermaine about Defending positioning: Go in and help your team win the ball back if the man you leave unmarked is not dangerous.
?/12 – Making an angle (instead of straight) for a pass helps tremendously in getting on the ball more.

2. Maintain > 25% better running fitness than others in league
5/1/14 – this past month I’ve been doing boxing sessions with my brother. I’m trying to get the technique right, but once you do, you can have a real good workout.
5/1/14 – Making sure any drills I do are done at a high tempo and pushing limits.
2. make a real habit of scanning
General comment: Improving, and I really want to shine more out of tight positions. Getting better, but so difficult to make this a habit. Still making sure I’m purposely scanning in personal training’s and club training drills.
5/1/14 – feel like this is becoming more second nature now

3. Ongoing – Find out what makes great players, great. What separates the “great” from the “good”

This kind of stuff usually gets posted on the Facebook page

4. Create more WOW moments! (making actions which make people go WOW!)

not ready to develop this yet..


accomplished: be stronger off the ball, quicker plays, don’t let attackers run inside, play long ball forward instead of risky passback, be more explosive, plan better, defend better(1/9/13), build linkedin network (14/10/13)



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