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Weekly Review 5th – 11th November 2012 [if he can, I can]

13 November 2012
Rogic Socceroos
Play in the 2014 World Cup.
Two years ago I wrote a post of how my life should be in 2014.
In that post I had a goal that I would play in the 2014 World Cup.
 Tom Rogic is the same age as me and comes from the same city I’m from. Back in 2010, Tom  was playing in the ACT premier league. Then he won Nike’s the chance. 10 months ago he wasn’t even a professional footballer. Now, Tom Rogic’s just been selected for the Socceroos squad to play against South Korea. He’s on his way to the 2014 World Cup. If he’s on his way, It’s only a matter of time before I am too.
Just as a note, There’s 13/23 players in latest young Socceroos squad that play in the a-league and looks like players that are in the a league squad have made limited first team appearances. It still hurts to know I could have got a headline in the papers that said “Canberra boy plays against Dutch champions” etc if I were playing with Volendam right now.
I’m still yearning for that day where I put pen to paper on a professional contract.
Trained 5x this week and played In a match. I’m in the same position as I was in February. Training with two clubs and deciding which club is the best to play matches with. Have to make a decision now and I have been talking to a few players about what’s better. It seems like Zeeburgia is best in their eyes. One player said it’s like comparing between Manchester United and Tottenham. So both clubs are good, but one club is just that little more established. One player said that scouts from the higher divisions apparently go and scout players from Zeeburgia. From a personal perspective I’m sort of divided. Trainings are more or less the same quality, but I guess Zeeburgia has a bit more quality in their players if their reserves are anything to tell by. But before making that decision I have a training with the reserves at topklasse club vv montfoort on Tuesday after emailing the team manager. So I’m not expecting anything, but we’ll see what happens with that.
I want to score more and create more opportunities to take shots – my main strength. One thing that might be obvious but just came clear to me is that all you need is to create that half a yard to get a shot on.
Played for the JOS C team on Sunday morning as the coach asked me to. Need to play games so I said I would join in. They play in the 6th division of the reserve league.
Anyway the match was pretty easy for me. Won 3-0 and didn’t score or assist, but I created quite a few chances. Few times I lost concentration because I got like 4 hours of sleep the night before from my messed up sleeping schedule, but overall the level was pretty easy.
Felt like I’m a better player than I was before Amsterdam, but then again I was playing with a low team so I’m not so sure.
Strength and aggression is improving week by week. Pushing the big, 6 foot black guys from Zeeburgia off the ball as much as I can. Analysing matches and seeing how players are doing it and then applying it to training is working well.
Next Week
15 hours this week and 15 next.
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