Juan Mata Playing Well

Weekly Review 29th – 4th November 2012 “Conversation with a Scout”

05 November 2012

juan mata and hazard

Juan Mata and Hazard are sensational for Chelsea. It’s fantastic watching them play. Both players with their excellent vision and technical skills, really lovely to watch.

Nothing really happened with football developments this week, although I finally met up with Erik face to face. He came to watch me train with Zeeburgia on Wednesday and we talked after in the cafe for about 30 minutes. He comes across as a really genuine guy. He was younger than I expected, in his 30’s I think and aside from working from his regular day job as a middle manager in Delioitte, he basically has a hobby scouting players. He became a scout with FC Volendam by analysing matches, writing notes and talking it over with the staff. The staff liked him so they said he can become a scout with them. He has a desire to become a players agent and agreed when he said most agents are  just in it for the money.  It seems like he has a real passion for football and knows alot about it. An interesting thing he told me was that many players only sign contracts with agents once they are successfully get a contract with a club. So that just makes me regret that Chris Tanner decision even more. Erik is definitely a person that I should keep close, because in the football world I don’t think you get too many people like him. I think he belives in me and can see what I’m doing to make it big. I’ve been thinking about what his primary motivation is with keeping contact with me and notifying me of opportunities. I think that he wants to help someone else achieve his dreams.. but I think he can see a way where he can profit from me and that’s no problem. If we can create a win-win situation that’s fine.

Other than that, I’m working harder in training now since I’ve been focusing on being stronger and more agressive. There’s been a few times in training this week where players have got past me when I should have decked them and I’ve thought, “fuck I can’t let him get away that easy”. But anyway, all is mostly positive from growing that skill.

Oh, and Erik told me to sign up for two websites with player databases.

www.zamante.com and www.footballmercato.com

Doubt anything will come out of those sites.. but you always have to keep trying!

That’s it for this week.

This Week
15 hours but about 2-3 hours behind right now. 15 hours next week and I MUST complete that on time.

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