amsterdam ajax v real madrid

Weekly Review 25th – 31st September 2012

01 October 2012

amsterdam ajax v real madrid

It’s another late Sunday night here.

In my room listening to some chilled Kendrick Lamar while staring outside my window to see the  lights flickering of the Zuidoost and a dimmed Ajax Arena where I’ll be seeing my first Champions league match on Wednesday! Ajax vs Real Madrid. Just one of the perks of living in such a cool city like Amsterdam! Looking forward to seeing Cristiano Ronaldo live! I think I’ll really be looking at his movement and what he does off the ball that makes him so good, aswell as whoever the other winger is and the fullbacks too.

Making the most of every single day here, apart from today which was mostly spent recovering from the week that’s been! Coming home at 5-6am is not uncommon at least a few nights a week since school’s began. Went out (sober) on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday this week. Friday night I had a friend over and then I couldn’t sleep because we were both in a cramped single bed and it was really hot and sweaty. What didn’t help is that I had to wake up for training at 6:30 ¬ 7am! That’s why most of today was spent sleeping.

So everyday is really quite hectic and I have not much time just to sit and think. But that’s okay, I wouldn’t really want my life to be any other way.. okay maybe just a few hours more to sit and think.

Here’s a rundown of what happened with Volendam training this week:

Tuesday training notes
– Played football tennis

Thursday training
– played 11 v 11 – first proper match like game I’ve played in months.
– Berry played me as a right back
– made some good intelligent runs
–  a few passes were out of whack
– many first team players were with us

– not much sleep
– played tiredly
– very good finishing in crossing/shooting drill

So I’m STILL on trial at Volendam and there’s no word on a possible contract or anything. On Monday the team played against Jong AJAX (the Ajax reserves). A match I guess I could of played in if I were registered with the team. Just saying that seems crazy to me. To know that I could of taken part in a match against Ajax. The thought of that has still not sunk in. Ajax.. one of the best youth set-ups in Europe that’s produced players recently like Nigel de Jong, Van der Sar, Vermarlen, Sneijder, Heitinga. Pfftt. 5-0 was the scoreline.. but I would of still loved to go up against the skills of those players. Next week Volendam reserves play against AZ Alkmaar reserves! A Europa league team.

So that’s what’s happened this week. Need more sleep and recovery, but other than that all is great.

Next Week

18 hours completed next. 3x gym sessions and 6-7 trainings. Next week 15 hours!



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