Weekly Review 17th – 23rd September 2012 “Netherlands Trial wk. 3”

23 September 2012
Gambatte Shinji Kagawa, playing well for Man United!  – made me think about one day playing in asia.. that’s where the future is. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/19674955 – interesting to hear Drogba’s comments.
Settled into a routine now and a lifestyle here in Amsterdam. Wake up, lectures, business, football, socialise.
Volendam training was Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I’m beginning to improve already. We do a lot of small sided games, 3v3, 4v4 with full sized goals, lots of attacking shooting drills and so my shooting always shines and looks like my biggest asset in training.
Main Things I need to improve at this point:
– passing ball speed (sometimes I’ll pass the ball too slow for a professional standard and it will get intercepted easily).
– 1-2 passes too slow at times because I don’t hit the right spot on the ball and the ball will bounce
Other than that, all is generally good. I don’t hear much criticism from the coach and so far so good. I’m invited to come back next Tuesday, and that will begin the fourth week I’ll be on trial. I really want this.
I can feel it already that I can become the best player in the reserves. I know I can do it aswell with how hard I work. Volendam reserves typically train 8-11 hrs per week. I do 15 and I set a plan for review and continuous improvement every 7 days. Over a few months, it’s easy to see who will come out on top.
What’s also good is that my fitness is getting better, I’m running more and getting more motivated to get on the ball and win balls back, it’s only up and up from here.
As for the Gym, it took me 4-5 sessions to get back to doing the weight amount I was doing previously but now I’m there and ready to increase that muscle mass to never before seen levels 😉
So all is good, except productivity. I can travel two – three hours a day for Volendam training alone. I now have tasks that I’ll do on the go, on my iphone and all uni work and reading while I’m travelling is the best idea.
Next Week
Did 15/18 hours this week. So I need to do 18 next week! Commit to a daily hour schedule and I’ll be good.
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