Weekly Review 14th – 20th May 2012 [“youth team deal”]

20 May 2012
At the bar for team drinks and food and feel like there’s nothing better to do than review this week, which was actually quite busy. I got an update from agent Chris, updated LinkedIn, played two games, strained my back, got a call from a supportive agent and took some body and fitness tests.
Week started out as a normal, trained by myself and with the club, did yoga and went to the gym and then on Thursday was warming up before the AIS match and all the tightness in my back from going to the gym just got too much I guess, I did a quick turn and I strained the lower right side of my back. Although I should of pulled out there, I still played the whole match, but with a pretty sub-par performance. The match also gave me a chance to compare where I’m at compared to December 2010 when I trained with them. Obviously this time I was much better than I was then, technically, tactically and physically.We ended up losing 4-0 due to their fast transition in attack.
I checked my phone after the match and I had a few missed calls from him. I told him via text
“Chris, come on mate..update me. I think you are managing too many players and you don’t have time for me. It’s been nine months.. What are we doing??”
Chris replied, “Sydney will have you train with senior squad with view to YOUTH TEAM deal … In next few weeks … Told me today”
and shortly after

“Lunch with Ian Crook on Tuesday will give me an idea [of date]”

So obviously if this trial were to happen it would absolutely be a dream come true – but not getting my hopes up considering how many times he’s let me down.

Friday and Saturday, I rested and spent time updating my LinkedIn so now I have one profile for business and one profile for soccer only. It’s time to start gearing up for possible trials in July (if I decide to Uni it up in Holland) and for the long term future, so the LinkedIn update was needed.

I also got a call from a guy in California I met through LinkedIn, Amalaye – he regularly likes to check in with me to see how I am doing and tries to help me connecting with clubs. He said I should try contacting the Ventura County Fusion and play there for two months as they are apparently playing a few EPL teams, and that could be good exposure.
Doubt that I will actually fly there, lol.
My friend is studying personal training, and I was one of his test subjects for his project. He did a fitness assessment on me and these are the results.
Maybe this will be useful to give to coaches too.
Finally rounded off the week with a game against Monaro. I wasn’t at all sure if I was in a state to play so I wouldn’t further aggravate  my back, but I took some Ibuprofen, got a massage by the physio and all was okay, although I didn’t properly prepare mentally for this match and why I didn’t score in our 4-1 win.
Of course in the same morning was the champions league final. I was on my knees when drogba took that final penalty and I just ran outside the house jumping up and down!! Yeah, it was Just an amazing champions league campaign for chelsea and It will go down in history as the most unexpected I’m sure.
Next Week
I was thinking.. And I thought it would be a great idea to make another assessment video to send to coaches. I think I have enough game footage to do this and getting two soccer friends and my Dad to film will work well. Doing this at the parliament house fields for 45min  could also work very well. I would want to get that completed by early June in time to send DVD’s and emails.
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