Weekly Review 16th – 22nd April 2012

22 April 2012
Hello! Welcome to the end of another positive week.
It’s 3am and I’ve been working on a video which has my every touch and movements in the game against Canberra FC last week so I can have a full assessment of myself.
I’m waiting for it to render, so I just feeling like jumping into bed, but I never miss a Sunday post here unless I have a really good reason so here I am.
Every week I feel like I am improving and making progress in my game at training. The coach tries to set his trainings up at high tempo and one – two touches, which is very good. Playing at high tempo was a big thing I needed to adjust in my game a while ago, but with the last 10 weeks or so of decent, organised training, it seems that I am certainly getting used to it now and not panicking as I once did.
My time scheduling has been pretty crap because I’m having less time on the park with the ball and me + I only went to the gym once this week, meaning I’ve only gone three times in the last 14 days, that’s not good and not the way to get bigger and stronger!
There have been some big games this week in the Champs League and La Liga. Watched both games and took lots of notes as always! I’m finally starting to really understand the art of one on ones. It seems so obvious now why you beat a player on their weak side, the art of cutting inside, etc. I didn’t ‘get it’ before, but now I feel just that bit more confident on one on ones after watching dozens of times now how the big pros do it. I have to incorporate it in my game!
Next Week
Missed two hours. I will commit and promise myself too (and writing it somewhere so I can always see it) going to yoga at least once and going to the gym 3x.
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