Weekly Review 9th – 15th April 2012 [top scorer]

15 April 2012

Today we played Canberra FC, the club I played at as a kid in Under 14’s and 15’s. We all went in from training this week expecting to come out on top even as underdogs, but somehow we ended up losing 6 – 1, mainly with poor defending. Today, I scored my fourth first team goal in my last three games a winger. We scored six goals in the last three, so to score four of them shows I am standing out.

And in the second round of the Canberra premier league – I am tied top scorer with three goals, lol. Like I have said over and over again, my current aim is to be one of the best players in the ACT, if not the best, so I am certainly on track now. Just keep on following what I am doing now and it will keep on coming.

Here’s the goal..

hmm.. what else to report? Well, the gym is going well.. the four quality balls I ordered all came, so it’s going to be great when I go for a individual practice session or with a friend.


Yup, not much else to say! Have to apply to the remaining Dutch universities, so I’ll add that onto my to do list for next week. Oh and also Yoga, because I always tend to worry about football like all the time. Something as relaxing as Yoga (although I haven’t tired it out yet) might be really good for me mentally, and just free my mind up. Sounds weird, but Ryan Giggs goes to yoga and he’s amazing, so who cares!

Next Week
So, I’ll promise myself do the rest of the applications and promise myself to go to yoga at least once next week and see what that’s like. Also need to get a proper review of this weeks game as I got about 80 mins footage of today! 20 hours this week and 18 hours the next week. Let’s do it! Going to sleep now and then waking up in two hours for the FA cup semi, Chelsea Tottenham!! come on chels!

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