Weekly Review 4th – 10th April 2011 [who to believe?]

10 April 2011

Rio Ferdinand Business

After training on Saturday, I was having a talk with coach because I didn’t understand some things he was saying about my game during training. He said that he hears detailed feedback on the games I play for Hegyvidek and says that from what he’s heard I’m still missing something. I’m still slow in the head, slow decision making, something I pointed out last week and many times before in my post. “It’s difficult with my situation”, he said. “I have no other choice than to play for a club with younger players with less skill and a 4th division amateur club. If I were to put myself in a position where I was the scout, I would say you are good technically and have a great right foot.” What he also said is that “I wouldn’t have a chance in Belgium like this.” I agree with mostly what he is saying, but I think this comes down to the underlying problem of my position! When I was 13, 14 years old living in Australia and playing for Canberra FC as a right back, I was probably the best fullback for my age in the league. Then things changed as I moved here, playing in different positions and not really one main position. The coaches that have seen me play the most say I should be a winger or attacker, not a defender. But I really believe that I am best as a fullback. I don’t know who to believe. Myself or other people’s opinions?

I was dropped from the a-team after a bad performance last week. There was a friendly match with the b-team. It was pretty shocking, there were 6 or 7 players that showed up and people had to call there friends to come just to make up numbers. We started off with 10 and got down to 9 players. I made a goal for myself that I wouldn’t let the other team score, even when there was just two defenders, me and another defender. I won alot of through balls and was probably man of the match. We won 1-0. The a-team manager was watching, and someone told me he was impressed so hopefully he will play me as a defender from now on, then I start playing well, then coach finds out and then he will take me to Belgium and then I can have a fantastic career as a footballer in Europe!

Oh, I put that pic in of Rio Ferdinand by the way because I played as a defender today and I look up to him because of the things he is doing as a business football man. He owns a magazine called #5 and has invested in movie productions, owned TV shows, etc. It’s my dream to become a professional footballer, as well as be a successful businessman. A billionaire. I want to be a footballer who is very prominent in business as well. I think being that sort of person is like the coolest thing in the world.

Next Week Training

20 hours like always, 20 hours yeahh


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