Weekly Review 28th – 3rd April 2011 [ball+space=problem]

04 April 2011

This is my biggest weakness, and this is what is not allowing me to become the best player. When I’m in a situation where I have little pressure on me, I take too long on the ball and fuck up. This is what happened in Saturday’s match on my “league debut”  with the first team. I did one or two good things but I lost the ball and fouled too often which caused me to get subbed at half time. This is not a normal scenario I guess, players love time and space, but for me I get nervous, panic and when that thought has crossed my mind a player has tackled me or I mess up my pass. I can be disappointed, but it will just take a few more games for this problem to go away I think. I always gotta think positive, I’m better than all these guys, and I’ll just remember to keep looking around me when I’m in a position where I’m likely to get the ball.

Also played for the reserves today, 90 minutes as a centre mid. Don’t want to talk much about it, the match was like tennis, the ball always in the air going back and forth. I hate that. A midfielder just runs back and forth without getting the ball. It’s so frustrating.

Realised today that it’s been one whole year since I began my 20 hour a week schedule. In the last 365 days, I can’t count too many days where I’ve had a full days rest. It’s been many long days, 3 hours a day almost every day can get to you sometimes. But when your in pursuit of what you want the most, you deal with it, get through it and keep believing. Roughly 1000 hours of on and off the field work. I felt this week that I’m almost at that stage where I feel fully comfortable with the ball. Passing, shooting, heading, control, etc, I almost feel 100% pro-like in all of them. Maybe a few more weeks, or months and the ball and me will feel fully natural.

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