Me in 2015. “My Dream Life”

24 October 2010

First Written in October 2010. This is how I picture/d my dream life in 2015.

It’s Summer 2014, I just got back from playing for Australia in the Brazil World Cup 2014. It was a fantastic cup, my dreams realized and I will never forget some of the moments I had there with my teammates Tommy Oar and Kofi.

Now I have a one month break. I have millions of pounds in the bank coming from my 50,000 pound per week contract at Chelsea which I signed when I was 19. My sponsorship deals with Nike, Sony, Boss and numerous other companies I did before the world cup have landed me millions of pounds a year. Now, my businesses are raking in alot of cash and I’m in talks with a supplier in possibly creating a clothing label. I have just turned 21, rich and young, it’s the best!

I’ve chilled out in Australia for the past few days with a few old friends. Now I’m about to embark to a few countries around the world, first class all the way, I’ve got a 200,000 pound budget to spend. I’m going to stay with a entourage of friends in 5 star hotels, make appearances at some of the worlds hottest clubs and just chill after a long season playing in front of tens of thousands of fans every week. First of all it’s off to Phuket, Thailand for a few days. In the royal deluxe suite, $800 a night, chill with friends on the yacht and beach, its amazing! Then Tokyo for 3 nights, $3000 a night in the presidential suite of the Mandarin hotel.

As soon as I got off the plane, there were thousands of Japanese fans waiting.I am famous because of my half-Japanese heritage, it was awesome. Some ultra cool parties. Michelan star dining every night.


Then go to the spa places of Japan, it’s so chilled. After Tokyo, it’s the night flight from Narita airport to Hawaii on Emirates first, I met my family there, had to do some interviews and went on TV, so I went on the onboard shower and chilled, talked to the flight attendants and stuff all cool guys, all of them wanted to take photos with me. Hung out in Hawaii, hung around to do a movie shoot for an hour or two there for a new thriller movie, Will Smith was there so it was awesome.

After doing some surfing in Waikikki with my mates, it was off to New York, LA and Miami for some American promotion. I met some rap legends at their shows, met J.Cole, Drake and together with 50 cent and diddy for possibly me rapping a verse each on their albums. I showed them the mixtape I did when I was 18 and they were like actually impressed. Finally, I checked Dubai out and stayed at the coolest ever hotel there and then the south of France on the yachts and hotel there for a few final days of relaxation before pre-season. When I got back to London, it was time to finally live in my new apartment in Chelsea.

It costs me about 10,000 pounds a week to rent. I got the games system hooked up to the best, most expensive Sony HD TV and a massive sound system. It’s amaazing! One look at my drink’s fridge, it’s completely stacked with sections of protein drink, vitamin water, water, juice, powerade, soft drinks. I play a few of the boys from the team every few nights, or they come around and hang. Got my chef who prepared a great lunch for the fam who have come to stay for a few weeks. Had to go off to the sky sports building to do a interview in the afternoon. The next day, woke up at 9am, showered in my luxury bathroom, put on a fresh g-star shirt, evisu jeans, tag heuer watch and a fresh pair of nike’s and headed out on a beautiful sunny day and went off for my first session of the season. Drove there in my new Mercedes AMG, cost a 100,000 pounds.

all the boys had just come back from America and met all of them again who are great friends all of them. Lukaku and Mata and McEachran are great friends. Had a gym session for an hour doing weights and lots of sit ups and then an hours game. Had a great lunch at 12, went off home, had a nap and went back for the afternoon session 4 – 6pm. At 7 my cook made me dinner, and that night I managed my businesses when I went off to my office, 5 minutes drive away. I have 100 employees that work for me, but I just tell my manager what to do and I work no more than the time I want to work.

A few nights later, I headed off to Diddy’s and 50 Cent’s show at the O2 in Manchester to make an appearance and rap the verse I did on their track. It was great, first time I like performed in front of 40,000 people. Amazing stuff. Saturday was the community shield at Wembley, walking out to 85,000 people is pretty amazing stuff. I played well and scored one goal, scoring and hearing my name being chanted loud for a minute puts all the hard work and effort, completely worth it. After the game, I went for a massage, had a little sleep, watched a movie with Mum, Mickey and Chris and went for dinner with Dad, Mum, Chris and Mickey and had a Chelsea celebration dinner/drinks at a private place.

Went out with 4-5 of the boys to a massive club that night, V.I.P. of course, we all had a few drinks to relax and it’s amazing how many women will throw themselves at you. I had four girls with me, only I had girls as all the other boys had girlfriends so it was pretty funny. Sunday was rest and relaxation day for me. Slept in, went to a movie premiere that night for Inception 2. Met Matt Damon, cool!

We left to Malaysia later that month to start our pre-season tour. This is what it’s like on the plane with the boys.




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