Player Assessment Video for 2011

23 October 2010

Football Highlight Video

Finished the video. Contains footage of training and footage. To be honest it’s not my best stuff, everything on there could of been better actually. But unfortunately our training pitch is crap and I did each drill only 1,2 times. I’m sure if I repeated each drill like 5 times,  I would get really good footage: ) No time though, Anyway here it is:


Left To do now until December

  • Get a video made so I can send to clubs and colleges DONE
  • Get recommendation letters from my coaches (should get that done by next week)
  • Apply for American colleges (will start emailing once i get the letters)
  • Arrange trials with European clubs (will start emailing once i get the letters)

Janurary – May 2011:

  • Trial at European clubs (need to save up money!)

As we speak, I’m getting a big email list compiled, writing a “sales letter” to sell myself as a good player in an email, and setting up a berecruited profile


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