Weekly Review 4th – 10th October 2010 [munich review & failed expectations]

10 October 2010

Failed Expectations

Failled Expectations I set

I’m exhausted. 300 minutes of games and a training sesh today have made me sitting here typing this in bed half asleep. Things didn’t go as planned in Munich on Friday and Saturday. On Friday the team won all games, 3 wins out of 3. On Saturday the team lost both games played. We finished 4th out of 8. To be fair, we had alot of injuries that happened on the Friday and no subs were left after our 2nd game on Saturday so my team was exhausted. I can call it “my team”  because I was the captain. By forcing myself to lead (the punishment is 100 pushups/situps if I purposely don’t lead), I reached my goal of becoming more of a leader and I really would of never considered myself a leader in football ever before. So that’s cool.

I had a disappointing individual performance. The target I set for myself of 10 goals to score in Munich in last weeks review…. well I scored none out of the 7 the team scored in 5 games. Yup, I scored none. I’m frustrated and upset like I always am every day when I play football, but I was playing more of a defensive and assisting role so in that aspect it makes sense. But there were too many times where I lost the ball, screwed up my free kicks and overdribbled. A player on my team played better than me scoring 5 goals and naturally I was pissed off. He doesn’t work as hard as me. Whatever. What can I say? Did I not sleep enough the nights before? Should have I eaten better breakfasts? Should I have warmed up more? I can’t always find a reason, but I really hate saying that oh.. “that’s just football, it happens.” Everything happens for a reason and I want to play to the high expectations I set myself everyday. But it doesn’t happen like that. Maybe it’s an attitude thing, if one bad thing happens then my head drops and I get pissed at myself. Ok I’m not going to go to deep into that, but when I mess something up in game/training I won’t let it get to me and instead focusing on being the best because I deserve to be.

In other stuff, this week I got two video highlights done and I’m planning on getting a video in training on Tuesday. I got some footage of playing at the tournament but since I played so crap I don’t know if there’s anything worth putting on. So perhaps next week I can start sending some material out to colleges.

Next Week

Missed 5:20 hours this week because of poor time management on my behalf. So since I keep managing my time so crappy, I’m setting myself a new rule which will continue for at least the next three months. And that is, I will complete whatever football I need to do and school work before I do anything else like go on facebook, play fifa, etc. Here’s my schedule:



Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Morning Personal Session (1:00)
Lunch Football with Mates (0:25) Football with Mates (0:20) Football with Mates (0:25) Football with Mates (0:25) Football with Mates (0:25)
Afternoon Personal Session (2:00) Personal Session (1:00) Personal Session (1:00) Personal Session (1:00) Club Training (1:40) Personal Session (3:30)
Evening Club Training (1:40) Club Training (1:40) Club Training (1:40) Personal Session (1:30) Personal Session (2:20)
Late Evening Personal Session (1:00) (1:00 Personal Session) Personal Session (1:30)



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