Weekly Review 26th – 1st August “Off to England Number 4”

01 August 2010

So another weekly update, yet there’s nothing much to report about this week, I got back from holiday with my friend on Wednesday, and had to leave For England really early on Saturday morning, nevertheless i still got about 4-5 hours practice this week. But no “punishment” because it is still a holiday mode.

I’m currently writing this on my iPhone on the train to Manchester from London for the bobby charlton football camp, where people like David Beckham and Steven Ireland have attended. I don’t think the camp represents much of an opportunity to get noticed, but I heard of some sort of skills test that if you do well on you get some sort of reward, anyway even if there is no incentive, doesn’t mean I wont try my best.

So I’m gonna keep a daily report this coming week on pros/cons of my performance and post it next Sunday. Its my second residential camp and this time Im making sure that I get to know everyone really well because I feel I play much better when I know the people around me.

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