Weekly Review 26th – 2nd May 2010

02 May 2010

“Nick you look more of a footballer now, but if only you had the footballing brain then who knows where you could go”. – Janos (My Coach)

So another week goes by in my journey to becoming a pro, highlighted with a small milestone which was said by my coach. He said what it says above, that basically he now sees that my ability is on par with a good footballer, but my football brain is just not there and I am suffering because of that. I totally agree with him and I know that this has been probably my biggest weaknesses since forever. I just don’t get it. I am never totally sure of where I should be on the pitch, I am never sure if I should take a shot or pass, I never know if I’m doing something right or wrong. It’s confusing for me. I don’t apply the things I learn in training to game situations.

I have 2 of the 3 A’s. Ability, Attitude but not the application.

I know that if I get the application right and improve on my game intelligence then I know for sure that I would be so much of a better player without ever having to worry in the back of my mind if I’m not doing something right and just enjoying every moment of football. Just like how I’ve really improved my ability over the last few months, I need to improve my game brain. It needs to be part of my footballing schedule.

The question is how to do that.. how do you learn that sort of stuff? I will ponder on it this week.

This Week

– Through balls have been off the last few days
– Left foot getting more powerful
– Right foot shooting feeling second nature

– Feel as though I’m becoming more of a leader because I want to have good trainings

– Janos sees the footballing skill in me now, I have the ability but I don’t have the brain right now for football.

Saturday (Game Day):
– Janos said I need to be more of a leader in the team. Leadership has always been one of my biggest weaknesses in football and sometimes In life.
– Janos said it didn’t look like I wanted to be on the pitch so he took me off after 60 odd minutes.
– Found when I’m playing that my motive of showing i want to be a pro player goes away. I need to be thinking why I’m really there for fun and proving to myself and others I can make it.
– 1 assist, 1 goal
– I don’t have a very good football brain, how do I get a better one? Biggest weakness
– Beating players was good
– Wasn’t sure where I should be on the pitch, playing as centre mid especially.

– Where should I be right now? Where should I be helping!?

I cut some of my personal training’s out because of the game on Saturday, I missed all together about 3 hours of training myself.

So another thing, Leadership. Janos told me after Saturday’s game that because the leader of the team is leaving the club now (Flo), that he needs a new leader on the pitch. I want to be that leader, but I’m not completely sure how to lead. I don’t believe that you are born a leader, but you just become one somehow.

Anyway I’m actually feeling frustrated right now, tired from the weekend and sad about the fact I have to start another 5 days of school tomorrow. I’m going too much on facebook and getting distracted by other things. From juggling websites, football, school, family and friends I am feeling overwhelmed, but I think that’s because of my time management. Like how a footballer would have to be really organised, I think I need to be a little more organised too.

So this week I have to commit to:
– Do homework before I do anything else (work on website, play games, etc only exception is football training).
– Go on facebook no more than once a day (includes on my phone)
– Get into bed by 10:30pm each night.

Good week!

Soccer intelligence

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