Weekly Review 19th – 25th April 2010

26 April 2010

So after being stuck in London due to the whole volcanic ash craze, I came back to Budapest late on Wednesday evening feeling refreshed and more confident after the turmoil of last week. Club training resumed Thursday and I felt as confident as ever, where which the confidence remained on Saturday too. I feel as I am the best player in training right now (although two good players are out injured right now) and I think all the coaches would agree. My weaknesses are becoming better, my strengths are getting better and overall as a player I am improving.

Earlier this evening, my Dad saw me training in the garden. He came up to me worried and anxious for me to stop training. I had been training by myself the most part of the evening and I was determined to get something I was working on with my left foot correct which is why I was out a little longer than usual. He said that he thinks that football for me is becoming an addiction, that I’m overdoing it. I disagreed with him, I told him to become a professional footballer I need to work really hard. He said that you don’t improve if you work too much, but I feel as though I am improving every day and growing in confidence by training 3 – 4 hours a day. I won’t listen to him, after all he has never been super successful in anything so how would he know? I know who I am, what I believe in and I’m going to keep working hard until I reach my dream.

Here is what I saw of myself this week.

Tuesday (AFC Wimbledon Training):
– Awareness of players needs to be improved
– Strength

– One on one finishing was poor
– Passing was good

– Left foot is improving, I feel more confident with it
– Finishing was good this time.

Next Week

Focus: Finishing

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Afternoon Personal Session (1:30) Personal Session (1:30) Attacking Session (3:30)
Evening Club Training (1:45) Club Training (1:45) Club Training (1:45)
Late Evening

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