Weekly Review 22nd – 28th March 2010

28 March 2010

So this week all the 600 euros worth of stuff that I ordered from Germany and Holland arrived! Now I have a proper backyard training set up, with proper equipment and all. Now it’s about using it effectively and to my advantage!


Personal soccer training - soccer training at home

My training field (in my garden)

Tuesday: Was a fitness/power training, nothing to report.

Wednesday: running, power training, nothing to report.

– Left foot crossing needs work.

– I need to really want the ball, like I can’t live without it!
– Need to be stronger, don’t be afraid to push.

Didn’t really do any technical ball work over the week, so I did not really develop on the technical skills. I also trained quite alot on my own over the weekend and my muscles are pretty sor, I want to find some ways to reduce soreness and tiredness.

Other than that, check this out! Here is my new training schedule for this week, this is the first time I’m doing this so i’m interested to see how it goes and how I feel at the end of the week.

This week’s focus is my left foot.


ime Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Morning Personal Session (1:00) Personal Session (1:00) Personal Session (1:00) Personal Session (1:00)
Lunch Game (0:25) Game (0:25) Game (0:25) Game (0:25) Game (0:25) Club Training (1:45)
Afternoon Personal Session (1:30) Personal Session (1:30) Attacking Session (1:30) Attacking Session (2:00)
Evening Club Training (1:45) Club Training (1:45) Club Training (1:45)
Late Evening

soccer training at home

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