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21 March 2010

Found a great quote this week:

“Anxiety is nothing…but repeatedly re-experiencing failure in advance” – Seth Godin

If ever I get nervous or scared again to do something again in life and in football. I’ll re-experience failure in advance. What a waste of time. I have nothing to fear.

I’ve kept it low-profile again this week, although I haven’t been doing any extra “planned” sessions in the mornings or evenings, I did go to the fields yesterday and this evening for an hour or two to work on my shooting + I am playing with my mini ball a lot of the time in my small room.

I’ve decided to once and for all combat my “laziness” of not doing extra training by buying around 600 euro of new equipment (yes 600 euro!). It’s being paid all with my own money, and I’m buying the following:

  • 3x Nike Omni Fifa Approved Balls (the real ball premier league players train/play with)
  • 1x 3.60 x 1.80m Rebounder goal
  • 1x 1.10 x 1.10 small target rebounder
  • 12x traffic cones
  • 10x 1.80 tall pogo sticks
  • 1x UltimaGoal rebounder

It’s all going to be used in my backyard, I hope my parents don’t get upset that after a week the yard is going to look like a shithole.  I’ll take a photo once I got it all set up.

I’ve made everything more convenient now, I can just wake up, go to the backyard and train with whatever I have planned. All the stuff should arrive by this week, I hope :S

This Week’s training

I have found before that how you train, affects how you play and the same is true for me this week. I need to make sure that in every training, every kick around with friends, needs to be high intensity just like in a match, otherwise I’ll fail. I just realised that my goal is to be in a premier league academy within the next 15 months! I really gotta work very hard! I can’t just give a 100%, but a 110% every time.

– Two touch passing needs improvement.
– My One touch passing always bounces, gotta hit the ball right.
– I’m not confident about where to run, where to go, am I running in the right direction?
– Need practice again at high speed dribbling
– Dribbling was biggest problem.
– Finishing was good

That’s all for now, onto next week!

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