12 December 2009


Hi again, I’m pleased to say alot of good stuff has happened since my last entry.

Let’s start off with Tuesday. I know this is a one time thing but it’s these little performances like this that give me more confidence. YES! I played noticeably better than the undisputed “best player” in the team named Flo. Same height, about an year older, been with the club for many years, had a trial with Aston Villa and most intimidating of all.. he has an beard. In an 45 minute training match I took the ball off him at least 3 times, scored more and overall played better and he wasn’t having a bad day.

I didn’t think I could really do this a year ago and didn’t think I was capable of, but now I have and like I said it’s a confidence booster.

Our famous coach returned to coach us again on Tuesday after not being able to coach for the last couple of months because of knee surgery.

His words of wisdom taught me not to pass the ball into a player in tight space and rather dummy it and turn the other way where a player is in space, switching the ball.

He also told me not to sprint to get the ball left and right when playing upfront as it only tires you out. So wait until the ball is played to an appropriate distance where the midfielders would be pushing closer to you and then go in for the kill. I think I saved a lot of energy by doing this which is why I think I got a lot more tackles in and played better.

Scenario: Holding the ball, back turned to two players trying to take the ball away, I stand there shielding the ball not trying to get out the situation, I lose the ball. The Solution: Coach says that when I have the ball and am sooner or later going to get the ball taken off me then do something because you’ll get the ball taken off either way.

These things I need to improve on are not to do with skill but play intelligence. The biggest concern I have with myself is knowing what to do after I receive the ball and this is my #1 to get better at.

We had these two 1991 players who came in training today that play for Honved FC in the first division of the Hungarian League. Actually, I was told that they play for the reserve Honved side which actually play in the 2nd division. They played wicked fast and were very pacey. Even though these guys are about two years older than me and play at a high level, I could still keep up, but they took the ball off me a couple of times and this is because I don’t react quick enough, I relax too much on the ball, my mind tempo isn’t in sync with the playing tempo. Again this is to do with knowing what to do after I receive the ball.

Back to the coach, I talked to him while he was dropping me off home in his car. I told him I got a one week trial with AFC Wimbledon in February. A TRIAL!?!? Yup, but I wasn’t spotted or anything. I called up Wimbledon’s academy manager and he basically said I could have a weeks trial with them. I have really no idea about what an conference side’s academy side is like but I heard it is at a good level so I’m gonna go check it out and give myself a test there.

Back to the story, coach then told me that John (assistant coach) and himself believe that I’ve worked really hard since September and have improved which I agree on actually 🙂
His main concern is about my position. He doesn’t know if I’m a winger, striker or a right back.
He says if he could find out the right position for me that I could be an country international player. If not, then an average player for the 6th division of english football. He says if I keep working hard, then in the next six months he could take me on trials with Belgium as well as English clubs along with Flo (the guy I played better than)

I’ve been doing extra training at home and local field for about twice a week, mainly focusing on doing 500 one touch passes against a wall with 50 passes in a row each time without stuffing it up. I must of done double that considering I did stuff up an awful amount of times.

So it’s been positive, my first touch has improved, my shooting is better, I dribble more I feel as though I’m much more confident.
I’m starting to think that all it takes is self belief and practice.

I have an Hungarian tournament to go to with the team tomorrow and an friendly on Sunday. Football weekend and exams next week :S

Anyway If I keep up what I’ve been doing lately and work even harder the dream of signing a professional contract is maybe a reality. Wow.
I’d like to go out with a clip I found from nikefootball. Talk to you next week!

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