Performance in training this week

21 November 2009

One word to describe my performance this week.. Poor. Why? Because I didn’t put in 100%. I feel as though when I don’t put in 100% it ultimately impacts my performance. When I do, I play well, get more high five’s from my players and more nice pass or nick or great stuff from coaches. One thing I had trouble with the weight of my touches when running with the ball and especially my final one leading up to the shot, so i’ve found a pattern now in the things i’m doing bad. My first touch has slightly improved, I set up a wooden table outside on it’s side and did one touch passing against it and this feels as though it’s improving my touch so I’ll keep at that through next week.
Ive also got feedback from the coaches to place my shot, instead of smashing it which is what I’ve been doing.

poor performance in training

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