Creating WOW moments

25 August 2013

That goal made David Beckham a legend. That goal made Beckham one of the most talked about players at that time just from one single moment of action.


After almost four years in my rise as a footballer, I believe I’ve reached a level where I’ve built a very solid foundation and can no longer be faulted for weaknesses that a coach would say is limiting me from playing at a professional level. Maybe I lack experience, but that only comes from..well.. more experience.


Now it’s about applying those finishing touches that separate the good from the great. Developing those WOW moments that people remember. Here’s Zinedine Zidane video full of them.
WOW moments are those things you do in a game that make people go “WOW! That was good.” Special, memorable moments like the Beckham goal or watching Zidane.


I first need to
1. See those WOW moments
2. Learn and apply those moments in training
3. Make WOW moments automatic in competitive games


First and foremost, making WOW moments takes confidence and self belief. I’ve heard it so many times. The very best are super self confident.

Already I can create WOW moments with my biggest strength, shooting. But shooting requires you to get in positions where you can shoot. From the wings you need to make touches and dribbles in 1-on-1 situations that will give you that space to cross and shoot. I think I can make some great touches, but I always feel at risk of losing the ball. But every player has the risk of losing the ball. What’s missing from one on ones is just a bit more confidence. What’s actually missing in my whole game is just a bit more confidence. Confidence to make actions that will create opportunities for others. Confidence to give myself an opportunity. I believe I play too cautiously in the fear of making mistakes which will cause silly things like people yelling at me.. things I should not care about.


This has been a recurring issue in my game. I can remember talking about this earlier back in May time? Last year with the 1-on-1’s. Of course I have improved alot, but I need to make self-belief and confidence a natural part of my character on the pitch. Improvement will only come from just taking more risks and not giving a shit about the consequences.
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