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29 July 2013
Hanging out in Lucerne, Switzerland

Hanging out in Lucerne, Switzerland

Pre-season with JOS begins next week and I’ve been thinking alot on how I’ll approach it. I approached most games with JOS last year with a pretty careless attitude. I never really rested, ate or prepared properly. I’d wake up most mornings on match day 20 minutes before I had to leave the house, eat breakfast and be there. I’d feel tired and unmotivated because I felt I deserved better. Alot of club trainings would be the same. But now I’m approaching the season with a different mindset. If I’m here while I wait for that next chance, I need to make an impression and make the best of the opportunities that I have to grow and improve. To be fully aware of my abilities and where I stand, I need to give 100% in both club trainings and games. If I’m going to be here, then I need to do one thing: Become the best player in the team.


My goal 18 months ago was to live university life. Now I feel like I’ve now experienced all that student life has to offer and I’m fully committed to putting in more time OFF THE FIELD to make my professional football dreams come true. I’m so close to making them happen and now I really mean it when I say it’s time to make them happen.


Training this week was four rest days with three short trainings, it went something like:
Monday – Rest
Tuesday – Rest
Wednesday – 75x control from high pass, fast second touch turn inside or outside and finish. 10x first touch control from high ball, touch and finish w/ left/right foot. 200x technique touches.
Thursday – 60x back to goal, control from high ball, turn full speed and finish.
Friday – Rest
Saturday – Rest
Sunday – Training A (28)



Plan & Checklist – This week was another half holiday week in Switzerland. The next four weeks I’ll be in full swing with training. This is the plan for the upcoming week

Monday – Morning: Workout C / Evening: 1st pre-season training with JOS

Tuesday –  Evening: training with JOS

Wednesday –  Lunch: Training C and Workout B

Thursday –   Morning: Beach training with out of contract players. Evening: training with JOS

Friday – Training A

Saturday – Workout C

Sunday – 1st pre-season game with JOS

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