The will must be stronger than the skill

10 March 2013

Weekly Reflection 4th – 10th March 2013

On Tuesday we played another friendly against a 2e klasse side. I started the game as a number 8. Immediately from the off, I was going to have problems. I was completely confused on who I was supposed to be marking and how high I should be pushing up the pitch. I was getting told different instructions from the centre backs behind me and the coach. So I couldn’t focus and consequently played another bad match.  I knew I was going subbed off at halftime, I could hardly make any impact, even though I wanted to badly. So I came on the last 10-15 minutes again, but this time as a winger. Within 5 minutes I created a chance and put a ball in the box the striker from 6 yards out missed. I think it’s clear here. I’m not a defensive mid. I don’t know why I played so well in those first friendlies I had with JOS as a centre mid. Maybe it’s because I was training with Zeeburgia an extra 3x a week and fresh from training with Volendam. Hmm..

I didn’t have a great training session on Thursday because Jermaine caught me out a few times letting other men get the ball too easily, so before I saw the team lists on Saturday I had a feeling I was going to be dropped. My hunch was right and my name was nowhere to be seen. I was devastated. I just got dropped from the reserves. So now I’m on the way to play with the 3rd team.

But I ask myself, do I deserve to be dropped? I would lean more to yes then no for my on field performances, but only because I don’t think I’m being utilized in the right positions. The same thing happened when I was playing with Woden a year ago. The coach told me that I was with a pool of 10 or so players who were being considered not to be in the entire squad (first team and reserves!) because although my “technical skills were professional level” they didn’t know what position I was. But when I finally got to play right wing, I shined, got promoted and ended up scoring 4 goals in my first 3 matches for the 1st team. So I’m going to talk about this with Jermaine next week and see how we can work things out.

I played 60 min in the 3rd team match as a right wing back. It was 60 because one of the players from the other team broke their ankle and the match was called off. Did good going forward and defending was okay, although when an attacker makes a run, sometimes I don’t pick him up properly and that’s probably where my biggest weakness lies when I’m defending. But now I can take this feedback in account and focus on not letting it show if I’m put in this position again.

I need to plan. I waste time by not planning.

Thursday – Sunday was party after party which took a lot of time, so I missed 1:45 of work. Awesome Amsterdam!

There’s a great Muhammad Ali motivational quote below:

Goal Journal

Long term goals
Play professionally by end of summer 2013
Short term goals
1. be more explosive
doing this. I think I see a tiny bit of development in abs
General comment: Really focusing my workout exercises on more dynamic, explosive ones. Focus less on the arms now.
2. quicker plays
again, using squash courts and small spaces bouncing off walls pretending there are players on me 
General comment: really trying to replicate the amount of time on average you would have in the premier league for a touch and a shot.

3. Ongoing – Find out what makes great players, great. What separates the “great” from the “good”

The will must be stronger than the skill

The will must be stronger than the skill

4. Defend better

Saw my biggest weakness when defending is tracking runs. Strength and anticipation is usually okay.
5. Build LinkedIn network
didn’t add many contacts this week. Add more next week.
6. Plan better.
I need to be more efficent about exactly what I’m going to do in my workouts, rather than just make it up as I go.
accomplished: be stronger off the ball
Plan & Checklist (16:45) MUST DO 12:30 BEFORE FRIDAY
Monday: rest
Tuesday: training + stay behind and champs league match analysis
Wednesday: go to USC gym + football
Thursday: club training + stay behind + champs league match analysis
Friday: damsko session + gym
Sat: ?
Sunday: ?


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