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Weekly Review 15th – 21st October 2012

22 October 2012
It’s 2am Saturday night and I’m on the night bus to Paris by myself. I’m not going to Paris for any football related reason, it’s just to hang out there for a few days, chill, go to Disneyland for free with a native Californian friend who used to work there, la la la after exams. The amazing life of an international student.
This bus ride has given me a bit of time to think on my current situation, something I haven’t had a chance to do since coming to Amsterdam  because I’ve been constantly busy.
I’ve said on this blog before how I stress about football often. It’s only natural when it’s such a big part of your life. I think my biggest concern right now is “when am I going to make it?” How long do I have to wait?”
This is how the last 13 months have gone football wise and I gotta remind myself to stay more positive.
September 2011 – Offered to play full-time in Hungarian 2nd Division.
October – December – Opportunity to play in Scottish Second Division U/19/Reserves
January – Trial with Hungarian 2nd Division team. Unsuccessful because they needed a first team player and I would be a reserve player. Was referred to another club.
Feburary – July – Started All League games for Woden Valley. First time getting paid to play. Beat players like veteran Stevie Lee and Muad to my position who are both quality players.
September – October – Trialed with 2nd Division Jupiler League Volendam FC. Unsuccessful because squad large,  team needed a ‘top 3’ reserve player and I wasn’t at that level YET.
The times I was unsuccessful is because I would be a reserve player and coaches didn’t just want to add another reserve player. As a measure of development, according to, The Hungarian 2nd divison has an average player value of 64,755 pounds. The Dutch 2nd division has an average player value of 122,713 pounds.
It’s just all about waiting for the right opportunity with the right club. That’s all there is to it.
I’m still thinking about “what if?” with Volendam. Just how close I came to making that final leap to a professional footballing career now just makes me want it more. I never ever want to be left with that feeling in my life, telling people what could of been.
I’ve come from average player who got subbed off at half time playing for expats team Budajuniors when he was 16. To a 19 year old that’s capable of playing professional football for a reserve team with their own stadium, training facility, full time staff in the Dutch 2nd Division. If that’s the progress I’ve made in just three years, how much can I make in another one, two, three!? With the way I’m going, it’s inevitable that my life is going to take some big turns in the next 3 years.. It’s coming.
The way I look at it. Right now, I’m in a period in my life which is one where I’m being young, wild and free in a place I love, with people I love to be surrounded by, doing things I love and always wanted to do. I’m enjoying this chapter where life is an adventure and I’m just exploring everything before the inevitable comes and I start living my life’s dream where things are going to move even more quickly then they are now I guess.. On a main focus.
I just needed that reminder to myself, to stay positive, on track and understand where I am,  what I’m doing and what I will be doing.
I’d love to start playing professionally right now.. But I can wait because I’m living my student life dream and I like this dream alot, but there will be a time in the short-medium term future when that will end I will move on to living my ultimate dream.
So there’s no need to panic nick, just savor every moment right now, you’ve grown amazingly over the last 36 months, the next 36 you will grow even more and you’re already at a pro level. The time and place will come so don’t be afraid to sit back and relax.. Just not too much 😉
Next Week
Did 10 hours of developing this week because of exams. Exempt from 15.
Next week is 10 hours because I’m not sure how to fill up my hours here whilst being effective. Monday and Tuesday no training because of Paris.
There’s on average 4 trainings for me a week currently (reduced from the 7-8 per week when with Volendam), 3 gym sessions and 2-3 game analysis per week. I would be better off with at least one more training + a game.
So to make it up I have to arrive early to trainings and try stay late – lately I’ve been making a habit of arriving late which is weird.
Developing strength in my legs would also be really beneficial to my game. I remember while preparing for the Sydney FC trial how much difference the spinning classes had on my speed. I swear after 3-4 classes  it increased 10-20% – although it could of been a combination of that and the body attack/yoga classes I would take aswell.
I’m still focusing on being strong and aggressive. Gym progress below!
Nick Humphries
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