Chelsea win the FA cup once again!!!

Weekly Review 1st – 6th May 2012 [week 1: taking players on attitude]

06 May 2012

Chelsea win the FA cup once again!!!

So my mentality going forward was changed just like I forced myself to do. I took on more players in trainings and the match this week, and held on the ball longer trying to create new opportunities. Before the game today, Steve one of Woden’s assistant coaches commended me on seeing a “noticeable improvement” in taking players on in the training match we had last training. So today was the fifth match in the league and my fifth start. So far I’ve had to kick off some pretty decent competition in my position, so I am doing well but I am not one of the best players in Canberra.. yet.

We played against Cooma. The first half they got their striker (the league’s leading goal scorer) sent off and we were down 1-0. Their backline was also rubbish. So in the second half, we almost knew we were going to win it. Well it didn’t up that way and we ended up losing 2-0.

I’ll upload video footage of how I played and give myself an assessment.

So besides all that I’ve been training on my own, analyzing games, doing Yoga and going to the gym. Only went to one Yoga session this week so  I can’t feel the benefits yet, lol. The progress in the gym is going smoothly, I’m going by myself these days so I’m becoming competent enough to do most basic chest, back, arms and shoulder exercises myself with good form.

I also find that Coffee really gives you a kick.. but as my brother said to me, it’s important that I don’t rely on it to give me a boost. Good sleep and proper food is what will really help the most, but I think drinking a coffee before a game is really a great way to get focused. So I won’t drink it before every training, but before every game I will.

What I should really be talking about is trials.. new opportunities? The last time I talked about a possible trial was months ago. This is the due to the fact that I have a crap agent, I’m focused on trying to win games for my team in the local league, Business is a full-time job, and I haven’t reached a final, final decision on if I will be going to uni in Europe. I need to sort that last thing out ASAP!

Next Week

That Monday off did some good to me, so onto the next 7 days. 18 hours of pure improvement power. I’m up again at 3am.. I really can’t be bothered to proof read this post. Off to bed.

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