Weekly Review 19th – 25th March 2012

25 March 2012

Busy weeks that go by fast,
my motivation is to be first, I’m never coming last.
These days I ask Am I crazy for things I dream?
I hope not, I just wanna make the team.
So everyday is a reflection of my plan for the future,
Decisions that I make aint gonna make me a loser
Im only going up, even when I have my downs
So close to my dreams, my times gotta be now

I love to write rhymes just to have a break from everything and anything going on in my life. Like I said, these weeks go by fast, days can be stressful, but I’m always looking to the future and getting better everyday – that’s why I’m getting closer to these dreams I’ve been chasing and success is inching closer, even if others don’t think it.

So it’s just been another week – training and putting in the hours. And an update on the university situation, basically all my UCAS apps are getting rejected because I don’t have the grades with the exception of one uni I’m awaiting a reply on, So I’m beginning to apply for 3 or 4 universities in Holland and see what happens with that. And yeah my opinion changes everyday, but right now I feel like uni is the way to go for a year or so – and playing in the highest semi-pro/amateur team available.

Also messaged Chris and he’s said that NYL season has finished, but two clubs will look at me “soon” apparently. Sounds like in Sydney or Victoria. Asked about Spain and he says he is evaluating what it has done for Tony (the guy I lived with in Scotland for 7 weeks) and maybe Dundee is a possibility – but NOTHING CONCRETE as always.

Played 90 min in a pre-season friendly against Cooma with the Woden reserves today. These are the goals I set for myself before the game:
Goals today:
– Make 3 contributions (goals or assists)
– have at least four shots at goal
– win ball from defenders at least five times

So the final score was 4-1. The first goal, I put pressure on the defender to pretty much make him do a crap pass and get a chance away, and we scored it. I gave two great crosses from the flank as assists for the second and third goal. So you could say I made three contributions and I did “win the ball from the defender at least five times” if you consider getting the defender to give the ball away with a rushed pass. I only had one shot though, but it’s difficult to get a shot away in a 4-3-3 formation, when most of the time I gotta be right on the touchline. Last week I thought I was the best player in our team, and this week I again believe so – but of course, I’m never expecting less of myself at this level.

So the coach was telling me that I had my “best game so far” for the team, but said I need to improve on my pace. I had an idea in mind of what he meant, but I asked him for more detail as I need to know specifically what the problem looks like. Bernie said I need to improve my explosive speed with the ball, the first few yards need to be BOOM, quick – but I don’t do that and I hesitate. So yeah, I agree with him and I wish I had that fucking video camera that is supposed to be coming in the sea mail so I can highlight the specific weaknesses.

Speaking of highlighting, every specific thing that’s really good from players in the games I watch, I jot down – it might be repetitive, but it keeps me focused and learning more in game analysis

what do I look for specifically now:
– My main objective mentally in my game is to become more of a standout
– players who have the domination attitude
– developing brilliance. Technically I’m 100%, now it’s all about seeing what the very best players do to make them great
Next Week
18 hours this week, 18 hours next week. Legoo

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